Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I have to be the first Naughty to post after the steampunk sex toys?

Well, I can tell you now that this is not as funny. Or creative. Or steam-punky.

This post is called: Reality TV in my house… or Save Me, Please

I have an observation about reality tv: some of it really sucks.

I know, I know… brilliant observation, Erin. Really genius. But the thing is, I don’t really watch reality tv. No, seriously. I have never seen an entire episode of Survivor, Real Housewives, or Jersey Shore (on a side note—none of these shows resemble *my* real life in the least… thank God). I used to watch American Idol and I have become a huge fan of The Voice (but I’d argue that those don’t really count as reality tv--whose reality is it to sing on stage in front of millions of people on a daily basis? Well, besides Katy Perry. And Tim McGraw. And Kelly Clarkson. And... okay, there might be a few).

*Anyway*...that’s not to say that reality tv is never seen in my house. Hubby and son have been avid fans of Ax Men for a couple of years. For those of you who don’t know, it’s about a bunch of lumberjacks. That’s all I know. Oh, and 75% of the dialogue has to be bleeped out for profanity. Now they’ve started watching Swamp People. I think that has alligators in it. Not sure. Don’t care.
See, there are two things that the success of my marriage has depended on for almost 18 years. Separate checking accounts and separate televisions. So, typically, we split up for tv watching (no, trust me, it’s not sad. It’s nice. It’s good.). I don’t need to know what Ax Men and Swamp People are about.

But… last Friday night I found myself in a hotel room with my two kids and husband. And nothing on tv. Except Mud Cats. (Which of course was totally not true… Phineas and Ferb—one of the best cartoons ever made—was on).

Mudcats. History Channel. Look it up. Come on, you know you want to.

Okay, it’s about hand fishing. Yes, these guys fish. By hand. And we’re not talking a trout or a nice salmon. These are catfish. They hide in dark crevices and stuff. So these guys are sticking their hands in all kinds of… ahem, interesting… places trying to grab a slippery fish that does not want to be caught. Oh, and did I mention that these fish are thirty pounds plus? The “winner” on Friday was fifty-four pounds. (oh, God, how do I know that and how can I erase this knowledge? I need this brain space!)

I’m amazed not only that there are actually people doing this stuff in the world, but they made a tv show about it. And my family watched it.

Okay, I’m a reality tv snob. I don't really like it. I’m surrounded by reality. I spend every day in reality (no, seriously :)) and honestly, reality is kind of overrated. I like fiction. I like making stuff up. I like making people do what I want them to do, what they should do. Good things. Things that make sense. (come on… it does not make sense to try to catch a fifty-four pound catfish by hand).

I just really like getting away from reality. I don't read non-fiction, I don't watch documentaries, hell, I barely watch the news. I don't even read sad or depressing fiction-- at least not on purpose. I want happy. I want uplifting. I want an escape. I want to immerse myself in a world the way I wish it was, rather than how it is.

But now I want to hear your confessions—do you watch reality tv? Which ones? And why? Help me understand! :)


Meg Benjamin said...

OMG it's not just me! I've never watched reality TV unless you count stuff like American Idol (just last season) or Chopped. I really hate shows like the Kardashians or Real Housewives that take horrible people and try to make them worth watching. I thought maybe I was just old and crabby, but now I find Erin feels the same way. What a relief!

Erin Nicholas said...

LOL! Well maybe we're both old and crabby! *G* But at least we're in good company, right? ;)

Katie O'Connor said...

Confession (with pride!)
My husband and I have not had cable TV since 1986. Our children never had cable. Ever. Well, until they moved out.
We rarely watch TV with the exception of the odd series on DVD (Big Bang Theory) and UFC fights.
I've watched reality TV with my folks and my question is ....where the hell do they find that many idiots? Just sayin ...

Love your posts. Keep 'em coming.

Amy said...

If it's on TV and a bad reality husband will find it!!!! Mud Cats, Swamp People, Pawn Stars, Ax Men, Gold Diggers (??)..the list goes on and on. I will occassionally watch the Duggars but I much prefer to read. I'm with you, I want to escape reality and not try to figure out what was said in between all of the beeping !

daydrmzzz said...

I'm not a huge reality tv fans but I do watch tv and I watch way to many shows, lol. I think my mom and dad watch every reality show there is though-I hate watching tv with them! I think I might have to break down n check out Mud Cats though now, lol.

joye said...

enjoyed reading the comments. my husband and I have separate checking accounts and itis the way to go. I watch only educational programs on tv. Since I spend my extra time relaxing by reading I am selective in what I watch. I have never had cable either.

Anonymous said...

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