Monday, March 19, 2012

The Underdog of Gifting

As another birthday approaches, I'm faced with this question: What DO I want? Over the years, I've found that some presents I'm convinced I'll use--before I get them. Others, the gifters give me the oddest looks upon hearing my gift request, but it's for something I want to, and DO, end up using.

Case in point: As someone who is practically inseparable from her smartphone, I KNEW I would make use of a tablet computer. And as soon as I had it in my tech-friendly hands...I didn't use it. I mean it gets used on occasion, but what my other half, Phin, told me was true: with a laptop and a smartphone, I just wouldn't use a tablet. Not that I ever want to admit to him that he was right ;)

Second case in point: At Costco, I fell in love with the SodaStream. Yes, the booth boy giving demonstrations and samples was a little campy and yes it seems like a ridiculous tool in a kitchen already overflowing with specialized gadgets, but I after having it for three months I couldn't live without it. I used to go through soda in disgusting quantities; now I guzzle plain seltzer water instead, which suits this gift perfectly.

I've noticed that when you ask for something practical for a birthday or holiday present, the gifters usually feel put out, or try to get you to ask for something more frivolous. Do you get this reaction? And how do you deal with it? Finally, tell me what your favorite underdog gift is!


PG Forte said...

A drill set. As the person in charge of building furniture (and toys, back in the day) and hanging and/or installing anything that needed it, I was tired of making due with an odd assortment of never-quite-what-you-need tools. I loved it. Best gift ever...well, okay, there might have been a few others. Eventually, between my husband, my son and assorted friends and neighbors, the set was decimated. I think it's time for a new one. ;)

Kelly Jamieson said...

Yeah, I ask for practical things and that's what I get. Pot scrubbers. A fry pan(it IS a really nice Lagostina. A car wash. He doesn't have to talk me into something more frivolous, he should just go buy it!