Friday, March 22, 2013

Flirty Friday - Now Comes The Night

This excerpt is from Now Comes the Night—book three in the Children of Night series. This is one of Damian's early encounters with his human lover, Paul. For those who are keeping score, this scene took place during the years when Damian and Conrad were separated.

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By the time they’d arrived at their destination Paul’s mind was just about the last part of him in which Damian was interested. The minute the apartment door closed behind them, they came together in a clash of hot mouths and groping hands—and stumbling footsteps that ended with Damian’s back connecting with the door. Paul pressed closer. Damian made no effort to resist. All those lovely hard muscles, aligning so perfectly with his own, was just what he had been imagining ever since he’d first laid eyes on Paul in the bar tonight. They were just what he wanted to feel right now. What he needed to feel. It really had been much too long.

Now Comes the Night by PG Forte is available from Samhain Publishing

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