Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Who Says You Can't Go Home?

Last year, I went to my high school reunion. (No, I'm not going to tell you which one.) I think it was my favorite of the reunions we've had, simply because it was so relaxed and casual. No expensive dinner-dance, no posturing and working to impress - we just hung out, shared stories, and enjoyed being together.

I know not all reunions are like that. I think we're lucky, in my class, that we genuinely like each other. I worked in the same school district years later, and even then staff would tell me that our class had a reputation for being nice. It's a good reputation to have, isn't it?

So when I sat down to write The Girls Most Likely To series, I had my classmates in mind - people who aren't perfect, but who care for and support each other. That's the tight bond that Kelsey, Bree and Tess share. And when it comes to breaking the "yearbook curse", they know they can depend on each other to be there throughout it all.

(And a note to my high school friends - don't worry, your secrets are safe with me!)
(With Abby and Guy, at the reunion...)

They're The Girls Most Likely To...

Ten years ago, Kelsey, Bree, and Tess were inseparable. Best friends forever, they'd spent their senior year on top of the world. But right after graduation, everything changed.

The yearbook curse hit them, and hit them hard.

Kelsey, voted Most Likely To Succeed, instead found herself trapped by circumstances in the one place she'd always dreamed of escaping—her hometown. Anne, one-half of Silverton High School's Cutest Couple, learned the hard way that young love doesn't always turn out the way you want it to. And Tess, Silverton’s Life of the Party, ends up stuck in the friend zone longer than she’d ever anticipated.

Now it's time for their class reunion. Kelsey knows catching up with classmates who'd found the success she never achieved is going to be torture, but she can't stay away—especially when the news spreads that her former lab partner and secret crush might be there as well. Tess couldn't miss it even if she wanted to—she's chairing the reunion committee, after all.  And Bree hopes that finally she'll learn why her high school sweetheart was able to remove himself from her life so completely, taking her heart with him.

One weekend. One hometown. One chance to break the yearbook curse, and finally prove they really are The Girls Most Likely To...

Book One, Most Likely To Succeed, comes out March 25. You can preorder it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Carina.

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