Monday, March 11, 2013

Meet Josh Brewster

Next week JILTED will release and it's time to introduce you to Captain Josh Brewster of the Promise Harbor Fire Department.

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Josh is thirty years old. He grew up in Promise Harbor and went away to college in Boston. He graduated at the top of his class with a degree in fire science and went to work for the Boston Fire Department. It didn't take him long to work his way up to Special Operations Command -- the department responsible for all the special rescue services for the fire department, things like confined space rescue, structural collapse rescue, hazardous materials and decontamination operations.

But family issues brought him back to Promise Harbor and the PHFD. Looking after his mom and his sister is what he's done since his dad died when he was a teenager. His mom was trying to keep the family business, Brewster Landscaping, running while still working as a teacher. She was also coping with the death of her best friend, Lily Ralston. And although Josh's little sister Greta had also moved away from Promise Harbor, he was always worried about her because as a teenager she'd always been in some kind of hot water.

Leaving his career in Boston was hard -- but not as hard as leaving Devon Grant, the woman he loved, the woman he thought loved him. But Devon apparently had no intention of going back to Promise Harbor with him, preferring to stay in Boston and work her way up in the investment banking business.

Now Josh is a busy guy, recently promoted to Captain, working his days off at the landscaping company, looking after his mom and the Ralston family. He and Allie Ralston have been seeing each other, which seemed natural given their families were so close, and now they're getting married!

Or are they?

Find our more about Josh at the Promise Harbor Wedding website, or see some inspirational photos on my Pinterest board for Jilted.

Say a big "hi" to Josh Brewster!

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I can't wait for this series, I'm so excited!