Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday 13: Shoe Whoring for Spring

DESPITE the recent snow in parts of the country, it's springtime! That means we have to buy cute shoes, amirite?

We've gathered 13--and only 13, so it was a struggle--pairs of shoes we'd love to walk in this spring. One or more of these may make an appearance at RT, though probably not the McQueens. It's not like we're La Nora...yet.

Which is your fave?
  1. Alexander McQueen Red Suede Skull heels
  2. Barefoot Sandals
  3. Ruby Slippers
  4. Keane Sterling City MJ
  5. Manolo Blahnik Specchio BB in Silver
  6. Manolo Blahnik Specchio BB in Bronze
  7. Yellow Gogo Boot with Flower Cutout (Disco night at RT, anyone?)
  8. Sexy rhinestone lip sandals
  9. Anything by Yellow Box
  10. Clarks Valley Stone in Fuschia
  11. Pinup Couture Lolita Pump
  12. Calvin Klein Vallin Platform Sandals (thanks Kim!)
  13. Michael Kors Damita Wedge

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