Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Book Club: Tropical Reads

Welcome to this month's Friday Book Club. For those of us in the northern hemisphere winter is almost over and we had our fill of dealing with colder weather, ice and snow. Lots and lots of snow. So what better way to keep warm and cozy than to curl up with a fantastic book that you can't put down?

Image by Mehlen Romain
Last month we chatted about new to us authors, like Christine Bell, Kathryn Kennedy and Kristen Ashley. This time we're talking sand, surf, and sassy umbrella drinks to keep you cool. Okay, the drinks are just a perk, and we won't hold it against you if you prefer wine or coffee instead. :)

So kick off your shoes and join us on the beach, where the sand is sun-baked, the water is crystal-clear and free of man-eating sharks that have you hearing the Jaws theme in your head. Da dum...da dum. No? Just me then.

What book have you read lately set in a warm/tropical place? Any old favorites? Been too busy to read much lately? Leave a comment letting us know. We love hearing from you guys!

Image by Jessie Harnell
NEXT MONTH'S CHALLENGE: Read a Contemporary Romance!


Sydney Somers said...

I read Roxanne St. Claire's Barefoot in the Sand. It was the first book I've read by her, which is a little weird since she's best known for her Rom Suspense books and I love that stuff. I'll be checking out the next book in the series.

Vivian Arend, Lexxi Cooper and Jess Dee's Bandicoot Cove series is pretty hot. But some older faves set in warm locales are The Reef by Nora Roberts and Midnight Rainbow by Linda Howard.

Kelly Jamieson said...

I went to Hawaii!I (re)read Beth Kery's Paradise Rules. This was the first book of hers I read some time ago, which turned me into a huge Beth Kery fan. I love her dominant heroes - Jason Koa, yum! And of course, the setting is perfect for a cold winter read!

Skylar Kade said...

Maya Banks' Pregnancy and Passion series for Harlequin Blaze had two books set at the beach. I don't normally read Harlequins, but this series was addictive!

Nancy G said...

Been reading some hot Aussie romances...Jess Dee, Serenity Woods, and of course the Bandicoot Cove series is a treat too. Just finished a sneak peek at the newest from Serenity Woods last night, and talk about HOT!!! Recently finished the third Children of the Night book by PG Forte, and I still love Conrad and Damian.

Maria D. said...

I haven't read anything set at the beach recently though I have read the Maya Banks Pregnancy and Passion series and have read the first one which is set in an island setting...I have Roxanne St. Clair's Barefoot in the Beach but haven't had time to read it yet

Meg Benjamin said...

Finishing Kathy Reichs' Flash and Bones, which is set in Charlotte. Good, intricate plot, but why is Temperance always slower than the readers in figuring out who the bad guy is?

PG Forte said...

Ooh, Nancy, thank you for reminding me about Australian authors. They're all about summer reads right now, aren't they? Jenny Schwartz' Mistaken Engagement is a great beach-y read. I've also been enjoying Cathryn Cade's Hawaiian Heroes series She has a new one coming out in May! (btw, Nancy, Conrad will be hitting the beach in book five...but not in a good way. lol! At least he survives it.)

Kinsey Holley said...

Lately I've been on this kick to find good stories set in Hawaii - not, like, stories of people vacationing there or anything, but stories set in Hawaii, featuring people who live there. And I've started several but only finished one - Delicious, by the brilliantly loop Mark Baker.

I started a romance that bored me. I started a private detective adventure story that bored me AND that featured a hero waaay too damn tough and perfect and able to kick ass with his legs shackled and his arms tied behind him. And on and on.

Not giving up, though. I have a highly recommended one sitting in my Amazon Wish List and as soon as Hub's back is turned, I'm breaking the Book Diet.