Monday, June 3, 2013

I got nothin'...

It’s my turn to blog and I’ve had a bit of a crazy weekend which started Thursday night and I’ve got nothing brilliant to blog about  - so y’all are going to hear about my weekend. :)

The best part of the weekend was the paramedics. Now, I’m not trying to make light of a serious situation (or maybe I am – in my family we cope with terrible things with (sometimes very black) humour. Like at my dad’s funeral, we all started giggling when the minister kept messing up my dad’s name. We figured my dad was up there somewhere (maybe down there) fucking with us.

And in any case, this didn’t turn to be *that* serious.

Thursday afternoon around 5:30 I got a call from home care, who go in twice a day to help my old auntie who now lives alone, with her medications. The girl said Auntie wasn’t doing well, was confused, couldn’t get up out of her chair, and refused to let her call an ambulance. So she called me. I went over. Yup, she couldn’t get out of the chair. When I asked her she snapped, “Yes I can.” But when I asked her to get up, she didn’t move (FYI she is a crusty old lady). When she told us “I was looking for…Grant’s…chicken…” I was concerned. Grant is my dad (her brother) and he’s been gone for over 35 years. Okay! Time to call the paramedics!


On the phone, they told me, “Gather up her medications, put away family pets, lock the back door and meet them at the front door.” I gathered up her medications (easy, they’re in a bubble pack) locked the back door and started a chase for her dogs. Now I’m a dog lover, but don’t tell auntie-- I hate her dogs – they are not trained and they pee and poop all over the house. I snagged one of the little Yorkies from hell and was chasing the other one when the paramedics arrived, maybe five minutes after I called.

They drove up in a fire truck and ambulance with lights and sirens -  eeep. Might have been a little overkill. Oh well. They all trooped in, three women and four guys, and OMG all four guys were seriously HOT! I couldn’t help but notice this even as I tried to answer all their many questions. The young cute guy started chatting up my 23 year old daughter. :) They were smart too — young cute guy even said it could be a UTI as they can cause confusion, and that’s what it turned out to be.

Went to the hospital, waited a couple of hours, spoke to the doctor who admitted her (and no lie, his name was Dr. Seuss – Auntie was not impressed by this). She was very dehydrated and weak and pissed off at me for putting her in the hospital. But the next day she was already better and with it.

Spent the rest of the weekend, going to her place, finding someone to look after the Yorkies from hell, phoning friends, neighbours, relatives to tell them what was going on, cleaning up dog pee and poop, doing dishes and throwing out moldy food, watering plants, taking stuff to the hospital she needed and visiting my other auntie who’s in a personal care home.

How was your weekend? :)


Sue G. said...

My weekend sounds boring compared to yours. Kid #2 graduated from high school and I spent the rest of the weekend getting ready for her grad party.

Meg Benjamin said...

Well, at least your daughter got to flirt with the paramedic. There's the germ of a story there!

Slick said...

I'm glad your auntie has you and my weekend was considerably better since I was on a cruise but now I'm back and doing laundry and getting ready to pack to go to another busy weekend ahead. And hey, your daughter is smart to talk with the smart paramedic at least he was cute and employed.

Kelly Jamieson said...

Oh Sue, graduation is exciting!
Yes Meg, my romance writer mind went exactly there.
Slick you are a busy lady!Hope your cruise was wonderful and relaxing!

flchen1 said...

Oh my, Kelly! That's quite the weekend! Ours was relatively quiet--but no cute paramedics either! ;)