Monday, June 24, 2013

Marketing Monday: 5 Uses of Instagram

Instagram has been around for a couple years, but it wasn't until they merged with Facebook and added an android app that they became a powerhouse social network.

Unfortunately, Vine was released at the beginning of 2013. This app allows you to make 6 second looping videos and is closely tied to the Twitter platform. As of the beginning of June, Vine videos were more popular on Twitter than Instagram photos.

As you may have heard, Instagram is fighting back. The app now allows users to film 15 second videos and add filters. You can also share it directly to more social networks. Here's a thorough breakdown of the network differences.

In my opinion, this makes Instagram preferable because of its versatility--and really, do we need *another* social network to be active on? I'm personally still working Instagram into my social media routine, but here are five types of image/video post that support an author platform. In the comments, let me know what kind of photos resonate with you!

  1. Highlight an event: Are you holding a book signing, attending an RWA meeting, or even grabbing lunch with other authors? Snap a photo (get permission before capturing people in the pics though!). Take advantage of hashtag functionality and add the conference or meeting tag to the end of your photo description.
  2. Share what you're reading: Take a photo of the book cover/passage you like (or screen capture it on your phone).
  3. Promote a giveaway: Take a photo of the swag you're offering and add appropriate hashtags to increase the reach.
  4. Talk about your WIP:  Take a photo of your outline or your draft or even take a picture of your computer screen. You can even take a photo of the pen and notebook you're using to brainstorm, or the location you're in to work. Include any relevant hashtags and context in your photo description.
  5. Show your personality: Let your friends and fans get to know you--post about something you enjoy, or something you're doing, unrelated to reading or writing.

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PG Forte said...

Great info! People keep telling me to use instagram more.Now I can figure out how and WHY I want to do that. lol