Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday (a little more than) 13: Summer Barbecue

Since we're spread out across North America, we can't have a real barbecue together this summer. But if we would be awesome. Here's what we'd each bring. 
In the comments, tell us what you'll add to the potluck!

1. Mike's Hard Lemonade (Kelly Jamieson)

2. Tabouli with tomatoes and peppers from the farmer's market (Meg Benjamin)

3. Margaritas (Sydney Somers)

4. Bean salad, because I love it. (PG Forte)

5. Oriental coleslaw. (Erin Nicholas)

6. Some hunky firemen--pictures provided upon request! (Juniper Bell)

7. Barbecue potato chips (Kate Davies)

8. Party music. This is a great summer playlist. (Skylar Kade)

9. Lemon-dijon chicken breasts (Kelly Jamieson)

10. A bottle of vinho verde, or possibly NZ Sauvignon Blanc--you know how I love it. (Meg Benjamin)
11. Watermelon salad. (Sydney Somers)
12. Wine because I love it (PG Forte)

13. Cups--how else would we drink margaritas and wine? (Kate Davies)
14. Salmon with a soy glaze. (Meg Benjamin)
15. A cooler filled with dry ice and lavender ice cream because I can't believe no one mentioned dessert yet. (PG Forte)

 16. Brandy slush--but I'd have to share PG's cooler and dry ice. (Erin Nicholas)

17. Bruschetta because it's my all time favorite summer meal (Kate Davies)

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Kelly Jamieson said...

Yum! I SO wish we could really do this!