Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Movie Mania

 It’s SUMMER MOVIE SEASON!! Are you ready?? Even in Homer, Alaska, where it’s barely 55 degrees and we only have one second-run, one-screen movie theater, we’re getting excited. The theater gets a new movie every couple of weeks, and my husband and I see most of them. We kicked off the summer with Iron Man 3. Two thumbs way up! I always love Robert Downey Jr., but Ben Kingsley was a special surprise treat in this one.  

Tonight we're going to see The Great Gatsby. I’m a huge fan of Baz Luhrmann, not to mention F. Scott Fitzgerald, and the combination should be fascinating.

The next movie coming to town is Star Trek: Into Darkness. I can’t begin to tell how you much my husband is looking forward to this. As for me? Chris Pine? The dude who plays young Spock? Fine, you talked me into it.

I’m also looking forward to, in no particular order:

Man of Steel. I like movies that go back in time to the beginning of a character’s journey.

Much Ado About Nothing. Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion, reunited! Okay, so it’s Shakespeare not Serenity, but I’ll take it.

The Bling Ring. I think Sofia Coppola is understatedly masterful. 

THE WOLVERINE!!! Hugh Jackman. Enough said. 

World War Z – but only for Brad Pitt. I don’t care for Zombies.

Every summer there’s at least one big huge flop that everyone talks about. So far that would be After Earth. As a fan of Will Smith and M. Night Shyamalan, this pains me. I haven’t seen it, and probably won’t. I’d rather hold onto my illusions. I will always have big love for both of these hugely talented film folks.

So what summer movies have you seen? What are you looking forward to? I’ll cross my fingers that our tiny little theater books them!

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PG Forte said...

Now You See Me. It got mediocre reviews because yes, fine, there are plot holes. *rolls eyes* But enjoyed it so much, I went back the next day to see it again.

Same with Star Trek. I absolutely LOVE this new movie series.