Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday 13: Favorite Summertime Activities, Part 1

Ok, so the first day of summer isn't until June 21, but we're already eager for it to get here! This is what we live for this season. In the comments, tell us your favorite summer activity!
  1. Attending fairs and festivals. This past weekend we went to the Art and Wine Festival in Walnut Creek. Later this summer we're going to the Mid-state Fair in Paso Robles. (PG Forte)
    (photo from Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce)
  2. Going to an island in Maine to see my family. (Juniper Bell)
  3. Reading a book in the sun. Possibly by a pool or other body of water. (Kate Davies)
  4. Traveling just about anywhere in Colorado, but Steamboat Springs (where we're going this weekend) in particular. (Meg Benjamin)
  5. Going to the beach (Kelly Jamieson)
  6. Taking the kids to the beach, where they can play and I can read. (Sydney Somers)
  7. Baseball--especially watching my son (Erin Nicholas)
  8. Swimming pools (Kinsey Holley)
  9. Seeing all the Disneyland tourists--the people watching is unparalelled! (Skylar Kade)
    (Photographs by Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times)
  10. Spending a couple of nights down the coast in a quaint B&B located in a vineyard. (PG Forte)
  11. Sitting on my deck reading a book (Kelly Jamieson)
  12. Eating loads of delicious barbecued food. (Sydney Somers)
  13. Wearing flip flops or sandals wherever I go :) (Erin Nicholas)

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