Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday 13: Favorite Summertime Activities, Part II

We're so excited about summer, one Thursday 13 couldn't contain it! Read Part 1 here.
  1.  Infusing gin and drinking gin & tonics on the front porch. (Skylar Kade)
  2. Going camping with the family. (Kate Davies)
  3. Finding new farmers' markets. (PG Forte)
  4. Playing in the garden. (Juniper Bell)
  5. Visiting wineries and drinking wine on whatever patio they've got going. (Meg Benjamin)
  6. Blockbuster releases like Man of Steel! (Skylar Kade) 
  7. Gardening (Kelly Jamieson)
  8. Sitting around the fire at the campground with friends and a glass of wine. (Sydney Somers)
  9. Family vacation time (Erin Nicholas)
  10. Bitching about the heat while cranking the A/C down to arctic range (Kinsey Holley) 
  11. Enjoying the light that never ends here in Alaska!(Juniper Bell)
  12. Running outside instead of on my treadmill (Kelly Jamieson)
  13. Wearing sandals 24/7 and showing off a cute new pedicure. (Skylar Kade)

1 comment:

PG Forte said...

Mmm. All very tempting suggestions. ;)