Thursday, December 5, 2013

Authors We'd Love to Have Dinner With

When we first posed this question, one of the resounding replies was "!" After ruling that to be a completely unanimous answer (and wouldn't that be a boring blog post!) we decided to choose OTHER authors we'd enjoy having dinner with--living authors, just to make this aspiration actually attainable. So if you know somebody who knows someone's washerwoman or car mechanic or cousin twice removed, pass along the word!

Meg: Susan Elizabeth Phillips because I know dinner would be a delight.

Erin: Christina Dodd.  She's hilarious. Or Cherry Adair. And we'd get a table near Meg and SEP and eavesdrop, then pull our table over with theirs to make one big table!

Kelly: Maya Banks and I expect her to buy. Also it should be in Hawaii. 

Kate: If it can't be each other, I'd want to have dinner with Vivian Arend. Because I keep missing opportunities to!

Juniper: Love you guys, but since I've been lucky enough to have dinner with almost all of you, I'm going with Nora Roberts. I want her to slap me around with some of that tough love of hers.

PG: Since you're all too busy to eat with me, I'll choose Victoria Alexander. I heard her speak once and she was very funny. I hope she likes red wine.

Kinsey: Either Camille Paglia or Jackie Collins.

Skylar: Jennifer Crusie! She was the first romance author on my auto-buy list and her books are hilarious, so I'm assuming dinner would be too. Besides, I want to pick her brain on characterization and becoming a professor who can teach romance!

Who would you pick?

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