Friday, December 6, 2013

It's Sweater Season!

The days are getting colder. The nights are getting longer. The wine is getting mulled. That can only mean one thing. Yep, it’s sweater season—time to break out the ugly Christmas sweaters!
No one’s sure how this strange tradition got its start. Some point to Cliff Huxtable and his, uh…bold fashion statements...
Some reference the 1983 release of Hall & Oates Jingle Bell Rock...

One thing is certain, the ugly Christmas sweater trend had certainly taken hold long before JK Rowling immortalized it in the Harry Potter series.
Once upon a time (yes, we’re looking at you 1980s) it’s possible these festive garments were worn with pride; they may even have been thought of as fashion-forward. Now, however, they’re objects of scorn, ridicule and seriously ambitious embellishments.Fake fireplace, anyone?
But you won't find anyone dissing these sartorial splendors here. No, we choose to celebrate the ugly sweater, the naughty sweater, the sweater no one in their right mind would actually choose to buy or wear or knit…other than as a joke. We’re gonna show those sweaters some serious sweater love. 
How you ask? Well, we’ll tell you.
If you’re following us on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed this banner: 
Or maybe even received an invitation to our event page:
Between December 9th and 23rd, we’re going to be celebrating sweater season in style. 9NN style, that is. We’re inviting all of you to search out the best of the worst—all the ugliest, naughtiest, funkiest Xmas sweaters you can find and post them on our event page. For your efforts, on Christmas Eve, we’ll be awarding one of you a $50 gift certificate.
But that’s not all! There will be pics of hot guys—with or without their sweaters, there will be jokes, we may even throw in a recipe or two. AND, even if you don’t have a sweater to post, you won’t be left out of the fun. We’ll also be awarding a DIY Christmas sweater kit, like this one here... two lucky commenters—one chosen from blog comments, one from the Facebook event page.
Finally, we’ve each written an ode, an homage, a paean to the lowly Xmas sweater…or, in a couple of cases, the lowly XXXmas sweater. We’ve each chosen a couple from one of our published books (or a soon to be published book), given them a sweater and set them loose in a winter wonderland of gloriously naughty possibilities.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be bringing these stories to you, right here on our blog, every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, from December 9th all the way to the 23rd.
Here’s the line-up for week #1:
Monday, December 9th 
Can a naughty sweater help Claire and Mike have a fetishtic holiday? Only Santa knows.
Starring: Claire and Mike from Let Me Count the Ways
(LA Love Lessons series)
All Dylan wants for Christmas is NOT what’s in the present he opens from Brooke…or is it?
Starring: Brooke and Dylan from Slammed
(San Amaro Singles series) 
Thursday, December 12th 
Catch up with the former bad girl and unrepentant bad boy from Promise Harbor this holiday season!
Starring: Hayley and Jackson from Busted
(Promise Harbor Wedding series) 
Friday, December 13th 
Find out what Cody and Olivia had going on BEFORE Going for Four.
Monday, December 16th

Juniper Bell presents: The Receptionist who Saved Christmas

How far will this naughty threesome go to bring back the Christmas spirit?
Starring: Dana, Ethan and Simon from The Receptionist series

Wednesday, December 18th

Kate Davies presents: Away for Christmas

With her mom on a holiday cruise, Samantha's spending her first Christmas with Robert's family. Will she survive a whole new set of traditions?

Starring: Sophia's daughter Samantha (and her boyfriend) from Home for Christmas. 

Thursday, December 19th

Meg Benjamin presents: Waffling in a Winter Wonderland

What’s a better Christmas gift than Cal’s engagement ring? Well, there’s Docia’s Christmas sweater. 

Starring: Cal and Docia from Venus in Blue Jeans  (Konigsburg, Texas series)   

Friday, December 20th

Kinsey Holley presents: I'll Be Home for Christmas (And I Wish All These People in My House Were Too)

Ally Kendall McDougall has invited her Texas relatives to join her in Colorado as she prepares to celebrate her second Christmas with Cade, Becca and the pack. 

Starring: Ally and Cade from Yours Mine and Howls (Werewolves in Love series)

Monday, December 23rd

Skylar Kade presents: Merry XXXmas
When Gabe and Hope head to Maison Domine the weekend before Christmas, the last thing they expect is to get snowed in...

Starring: Gabe and Hope from His Only Hope (The Maison Chronicles)

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