Sunday, December 29, 2013

Yearly Round Up 2013

2013 has been an exciting year for the Naughty Nine. We've had new releases, re-releases, print releases and lots of yummy new covers. We've taken part in collaborations--either with each other or with others. We've been introduced to several new series, revisited ongoing series, got reacquainted with characters we've loved, and said good-bye to others. Here's a quick look back at some of the highlights. 

In January we debuted our third group project, Nine Nights in New Orleans, an anthology of nine short stories set in The Big Easy.  Skylar Kade's short story Edge was also released that month as part of the Cleis Press anthology, Only You

Later in the year, Skylar also released Heat of the Night as part of the Shades of Naughty series and PG Forte's novella, Inked Memories, was released as part of the Midnight Ink boxed set, which was also set in New Orleans. Are we seeing a pattern here?  Yep, lots of naughty nights, lots of New Orleans, lots and lots of good reading! 

Probably the most exciting collaboration of the year, however, was the Promise Harbor Wedding series. Four books, Jilted, Bolted, Busted and Hitched written (respectively) by Kelly Jamieson, Meg Benjamin, Sydney Somers and Erin Nicholas, were released between March and April of this year and will be going into print starting next week!  

Also unexpectedly in print this year, eight out of nine books in PG Forte's Oberon series, with number nine due any day now.

2013 gave us several new trilogies: Kate Davies Girls Most Likely trilogy, Kelly Jamieson's San Amaro Singles trilogy, and the first two books of Meg Benjamin's Ramos Family (Medium) trilogy. Book number three will be released in January '14. And, speaking of trilogies, Kate Davies' Strip trilogy received beautiful new covers this year as well. 

Three and four were clearly very powerful numbers for us. 2013 saw the release of My Three Masters, the sequel to Juniper Bell's My Three Lords and Kelly Jamieson's Rhythm of Three which picks up where Rule of Three left off. RT Book Reviews chose Rule of Three as one of the finalists for their Editor's Choice Awards. Next year, the duo will very fittingly become a trio with the release of Reward of Three

Moving a little higher up the Math ladder (is that an actual thing? If not, it should be!) we also celebrated the release of Primal Temptation  (book four in the Pendragon Gargoyle series) and Must Be Magic (book four in the Spellbound series) both by Sydney Somers and both new in 2013. PG Forte gave us Now Comes the Night and Ashes of the Day (books three and four in her Children of Night series). And Sex and the Single Fireman, How to Tame a Wild Fireman and Desperately Seeking Fireman (books three, four, and four-point-five in Jennifer Bernard's Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel series) also delighted readers. 

But wait, we're not done yet! Since four and three equals seven, this would be the perfect time to mention that Meg Benjamin also released Fearless Love (book seven in her Konigsburg, Texas series) this year. 

We did suffer some losses, however. Kelly Jamieson released Offside, the last of the popular Heller Brothers series. And Erin Nicholas gave us Just What I Need, the epilogue that brought the The Bradfords series to its end. Not to fear though, dear readers, for Erin's spin-off series, Counting On Love is still going strong. The first three books released in 2013 and the final two are yet to come in 2014. And Kelly promises us more hockey romances in the very near future. 

All in all, 2013 rocked! But we have every confidence that 2014 will be even better! 

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Erin Nicholas said...

Wow! Amazing to look back at all of this! What an awesome year!!