Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Guest Blogger Barengaria Brown - Why write ménage?

Readers often ask me why I write ménages, specifically male/male/female ménages.

I’ll answer that question in a minute. But actually I also write lesbian erotica and male/male stories and even one man/one woman stories. It’s just that the way the release dates have worked out so far, five of my seven published books are MMF ménages, and a sixth has an MMF ménage scene in it, although it is one man one woman HEA story. The seventh (for those of you counting) is my only straight male/female book sold so far.

Now, why MMF?

Just think about it for a moment, ladies. If one pair of hands teasing up your ribcage feels good, how much better would two pairs of hands feel?

If one set of lips, kissing and sucking the tender skin inside your elbow feels good, how would another mouth feel on the other elbow?

If you enjoy running your hands down a muscular back and over a taut ass, how much better would it be with two taut asses to touch?

Romantic fiction is a step outside of everyday life into what if. A woman’s most important sex organ is her brain. She can think, plan, imagine. Imagine what if not one, but two delicious hunks wanted you? Imagine how intense the passion could be in bed with two men. Four strong arms, two hard chests, two even harder cocks.

Well, I’m sure you can see where my mind is going here!

My newest release is “Double Satisfaction” from Ellora’s Cave.

Here’s the blurb.

Imogen, Gage and Liam relax at a luxury resort for a week’s vacation and some extra-hot ménage sex. The gardens are beautiful, the meals are delicious and the facilities are excellent—swimming pools, beach, tennis and golf. The men are delicious too, and Imogen is having a wonderful time—until bossy Gage makes a few autocratic decisions that remind Imogen of her manipulative father. Imogen has to decide whether the best orgasms of her life are worth risking potential heartbreak.

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For those of you wanting to know release dates for male/male and female/female books, check my website, they’re all there. As is all the information about my backlist.


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Berengaria Brown


Berengaria Brown said...

Thank you very much for inviting me over to your blog today

Berengaria Brown said...
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Meg Benjamin said...

Welcome Berengaria! We've got some menage writers (and, of course, readers) who'll no doubt agree with every word!

Debra St. John said...

Hi Berengaria,

Great title! Great cover!

Kelly Jamieson said...

Hi Berengaria! Welcome to the Naughty Nine! I'm one of the naughty ones who write meanage stories (actually I might have been the only one until Juniper arrived!) so I totally know what you are saying. Yes, two men is indeed a very hot fantasy!

Kelly Jamieson said...

Er that should be menage. I CAN actually spell it.

Berengaria Brown said...

Hi Kelly, Debra, Meg
Thank you for the warm welcome
I have enjoyed being naughty with you today

Rebecca Rose said...

You're sooo right! Two pairs of hands are better than one. You need to let your imagination loose and I think many people are afraid to or don't want to give in to their deepest desires. Me? I have no problem living out my fantasies in the books I review and the novels I right! :)

Sarah said...

Love living out my fantasy thru the menage stories written by you and many others. Its great to be able to chat about it and hear what all the "naughty" ones have to say without worrying about social boundaries others want to put on you.

Berengaria Brown said...

Hi Rebecca, hi Sarah
Thanks for commenting. Oh yeah, menages are lots of fun

Juniper Bell said...

Thank you for putting it so perfectly! A step into the "what if", I love that. I adore a good ménage story and yours sounds right up my alley. I can't wait to check it out! Thanks for being here today. And being so naughty!


Anonymous said...

I am writing a sequel to my eroticf urbsn fantasy that is M?F. There's a menage in it, but differently, thanks to magic.
Yes, I cn see the hotness of two guys and a girl.