Friday, November 4, 2011

What, more about shoes??

Several people have asked about the shoes I was wearing at ECWC that attracted so much attention. I honestly don't know why they were so interesting, they're just shoes, but it was so hilarious! After PG and Erin decided to turn it into a drinking game, er, contest, every time someone noticed them we all just cracked up. So here are the shoes I was wearing:

Damn I'm not a good photographer. Oh well. These pink shoes above have a story. They are my "Michael Jackson" shoes. I know, they don't look like something he would have worn. The story is, we went to California the day after Michael Jackson died and we thought while we were in Los Angeles we should go to Hollywood Boulevard and see all the commotion. Just to see it. So we did. It was crazy, people lined up to see his star, crying, leaving a mountain of stuffed bears, security and television cameras everywhere. Well, I turned around and THERE WAS A SHOE STORE! Right there by MJ's star!(DSW) I went in and saw these pink shoes and had to have them. So every time I wear them I think of Michael Jackson.

These black ones are my newest and I know they're ridiculously high but I love them. I was threatened twice with bodily harm by ladies who wanted them.

And last, my boots. The TSA guy who made me take them off in the airport was quite interested in them.

So there y'all go, those are the shoes!


Eva's Flowers said...

I love the black heels, I think I would fall if I even tried them on! I have some heels, but nothing that high :) The boots are awesome also!


Meg Benjamin said...

And I still think you need bunny slippers.

Katie O'Connor said...

I love those boots! Oh my! I wish I could wear them withoutkilling myself. LOL

Unrelated....Kinsey's blog seems to be MIA....does she have a new site?


Erin Nicholas said...

I still giggle when I think about your shoes, Kelly! And Meg, anytime you need to give someone bunny slippers I'm your girl-- much more my speed! :)

PG Forte said...

Giggle? I still LOL! Kelly couldn't walk across a room w/o someone stopping her to comment on her shoes. Turning that into a contest was genius. :)

elaing8 said...

Love the boots!

June M. said...

I would get so hurt if I tried wearing any of those. I can trip, stagger, and twist my ankle walking barefoot on a flat, clear floor. LOL If I tried wearing those (even though I love them,especially the boots) I would get hurt and probably end up hurting others.

Erin Nicholas said...

By the way... Kinsey said that her blog is being moved to a new server so is temporarily down but will be back asap! :)


kog said...

Nice shoes! I like the pink shoes, love the black shoes and OMG I need those boots!

I would have been one of the many who stopped you about your shoes.

Anonymous said...

VVVVVVVVerrrrrrrrrrrrrry Hot!