Thursday, November 17, 2011

Juniper's Sexiest Men Alive

The lucky editors of People Magazine have spoken, and the official Sexiest Man Alive in 2011 is my longtime friend Bradley Cooper.
I'm happy for Bradley. It's a nice consolation prize after I dumped him to marry my husband.

(Don't believe a word I say here.)

But seriously, I really can't argue with their choice. He's a hottie, no question about it. Talented, smart, French-speaking, charming. But I thought I'd add some other guys into the mix here. And I get to pick my own categories (sorry, People Magazine).


These are the guys I think are hot even though I probably shouldn't. I mean, The Rock? Seriously? But seriously, have you the physique on him?

I put Taylor Lautner in the same category. He is way too young for me to be lusting over. But looking can't do any harm, right?

 In a complete change of pace, let's address the SEXIEST GEEK ALIVE category. I'm a sucker for a cute geek and this guy just does it for me. Meet our winner, Ira Glass, of This American Life.

Now for the I WILL NEVER FIND YOU SEXY AGAIN category. Yep, it's sad but true. Jesse, the bad boy appeal only goes so far. You've crossed a line.

And Mel, I'll just have to remember you from back in the day.

I wanted to include Mickey Rourke in this category but I just don't have the heart to hunt down a picture of him.

Let's move on to a happier category: Juniper's personal HALL OF FAME, the men I will always adore and fantasize about. This is a long list and I could probably spend all day and a long, sweaty night remembering more names. But I'll stick with two. Johnny Depp, you gorgeous, soulful dreamboat. And Daniel Craig, dynamite packed inside muscle and skin. You both do it for me and you always will. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So there you have it, Juniper's Sexiest Men Alive. Any other nominees? Feel free to share your picks!


Meg Benjamin said...

Ah Juniper, lovely post with lovely pics, but everybody's going to have their own list. I'd add Timothy Olyphant from Justified and Idris Elbab from The Wire to mine.

Kelly Jamieson said...

Oh man I am SO with you on the Rock!! I think he has the *sexiest* smile. Seriously. Yeah, he has muscles, but wow that smile. And I'd have no argument with the rest of your picks (in all categories!)

Shea McMaster said...

Great list! No arguments from me. And yes, I love the Rock. He has a sense of humor that shines through. A guy who can make me laugh wins every time.

PG Forte said...

Sorry, but The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment will forever be connected in my mind with pre-adolescent boys wrestling in my basement. lol! I'm sure he's gorgeous, but I just CANNOT go there.

Nice list, though. *g*

Juniper Bell said...

Meg, I totally agree!! Let's throw in Timothy Olyphant and Idris Elba. And I also forgot Michael Fassbender, serious, serious hottie.

Kelly and Shea - Yay for The Rock! He's such a goofball but still smokin' hot.

PG - Sorry the early trauma has robbed you of the pleasure of The Rock. That's a tragedy.

Lisa said...

Nice list. I totally agree with you on The Rock & Johnny Depp. With that body & sense if humor, how could you not lust after the Rock. Johnny Depp has been on my list since 21 Jump Street. He has just gotten hotter and more intriguing over the years.