Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

So it's been two years since we first joined together as Nine Naughty Novelists, and we have a few memories to share. Happy anniversary to all Nine Naughty Novelists!

Juniper Bell
I’ll never forget the day I got The Call. Actually it was an email from PG Forte telling me one of the Nine Naughty Novelists was leaving and offering me … ME! … the position. I jumped up and down out babbling with excitement, which was a problem because my husband and I were in the middle of pouring concrete at the time and he had no idea what I was talking about. I didn’t hesitate a moment, just fired off a, “YES YES YES, count me in!!!” The next email contained a barrage of information including some crazy stuff about a Zillionaire Vampire Cowboy, but I tuned that out because I figured they must be nuts and would forget about that project soon enough. I’m so glad I got that part wrong!

My second memory is from shortly before I left for Hawaii to get married. I got a cryptic email from Kelly telling me to check the blog. When I did, I nearly cried. They were throwing me a virtual wedding shower, complete with a male stripper, naughty gifts and advice about married life. I loved it so much! In case you missed it, here it is. It gives you an idea of just how special the Naughties are. Not only are they talented, but they’re wonderful human beings and I’m so grateful to know them.

Meg Benjamin
My favorite memory of all was our first brainstorming session for The Zillionaire Vampire Cowboy’s Secret Werewolf Babies. Everybody was throwing out these outrageous suggestions, and I was laughing so hard it was actually hard to type. Which leads to a second favorite memory: the day we posted the first chapter. None of us knew whether anyone would want to read a totally nutzoid parody mashup, but they did! It was so exciting to see the comments as people read the story and enjoyed it.
It’s definitely been a short two years—I can’t even remember what it was like without being part of this group!

Kinsey Holley
1. I saw a thread somewhere - I think it was Romance Divas? Or maybe Samhain Cafe? - from someone gathering writers interested in starting a group blog. So I responded that I was interested - because I was so overwhelmed with the idea of blogging, and I had my first book coming out, and I was really scared and alone. So I sent an email to a stranger and said sure, I'll join your group blog. Whatever. And now look at us...

Ok, this isn't a second memory, but still...I've got an addendum to my will, listing all my IDs and passwords to sites that Hub will need to get to if I drop dead one day. And on that list are all the emails of the eight of you. Which is real different from what I expected when I responded to an email saying Sure, I'll join your group blog. Whatever.

Kelly Jamieson
For sure my favourite memories from the last two years are the brainstorming sessions we had for the serial stories. You can count that as two memories, even though there have been more than two sessions. I know the first one we had, my family thought I’d completely lost it, sitting in front of the computer laughing so hard I was crying. Of course when I tried to explain to them what was so funny, they didn’t get it at all, even further convincing them that Mom had finally gone right the edge. But these sessions were more than just funny. It was connecting with people on a level I rarely have before – people who were smart and talented and laughed at the same things I did. People who love romance and know the genre well enough to pull out all those tropes and clich├ęs, but who don’t take themselves so seriously that they can’t poke a little affectionate fun at the genre. And I’m not just biased in saying this – check out the reviews on Amazon for The Zillionaire Vampire Cowboy’s Secret Werewolf Babies. We did more than just write a funny little parody of romance – nine of us put together a cohesive story that’ s not just funny but romantic and suspenseful and seamless.
Cheers ladies and happy anniversary! *raising glass of wine*

Erin Nicholas
One of the memories that always comes to me when I think of this group was
when Skylar and I were talking about how we wanted to find other members.
We decided to put the call out on the Samhain author loop and *hoped* two
or three people would want to join us. We were bowled over when we had
twelve answer that first call! Of course, after we really got to talking
about what we were going to do a few bowed out, but we were left with the
best of the best ;) (oh, and Kinsey's signature line had a quote from The
Librian and I knew she had to be in the group! :)) It amazes me over and
over how nine writers could find each other that way and end up with the
kind of chemistry and comaradarie that we have. What are the chances?
It's just proof that at some point in my youth or childhood, I must have
done something good. (Sound of Music, anyone?)

The other memory is when Juniper joined us. She just jumped right in,
getting into writing the Zillionaire Vampire Cowboy serial with us within
the first, what, two weeks of being part of the group? :) And she's been
the perfect fit in every way! I knew it as soon as I saw which picture
she chose for her "avatar" (or whatever we call those pictures with our
names along the side ;)).

I think it's safe to say that this group has far exceeded my expectations
and hopes! And I hope that these are the same 8 ladies I'm celebrating 10
years with! :)

Kate Davies

So many great memories! The first I remember is the email from Erin, telling me about the new venture. She was the only author I knew personally prior to the launch, but now I feel like all eight of the rest of the naughties are close friends. *mwah* to you all!

And my other memory to share is sneaking around behind Juniper's back to put the virtual wedding shower together. It was so much fun, and a perfect example of why I feel so lucky to be part of this group.

PG Forte

Really? I have to cut this down to two memories? That sounds a whole lot simpler than it is. Brainstorming the serial stories is one for sure, even though that's actually more like half-a-dozen memories. 

Ooh, and getting to be the one who emailed Juniper and asked her to join us, that was a good one too. 

Thanks for a fabulous two years ladies. Y'all are the best!

Sydney Somers

One of my favorite memories comes from plotting the serials. A zillionare vampire afraid of blood? A vampire hunter who hates the family business? I mean, Billybob Bobson? Where did we come up with this stuff? LOL I have never laughed as hard as I have when we've been throwing around ideas about how many boundaries we can push within our own genres. And then there are the disclaimers for these serials...

2011 has been a really tough year for me, and although I still haven't managed to get to some of the conferences that the others have and meet any of these outstanding women in person, every single one of them supported me in a way I'm not sure I'll be able to repay. Blogging with these eight amazingly talented authors is even better knowing they're also my very good friends. Thanks for an awesome two years ladies. Here's to many, many more!



Happy Anniversary !!!

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Happy Anniversary!

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Happy Anniversary!

Thanks to each and everyone one of you for taking the time to entertain us with your writing and your blog.

Congrats to you all.

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Happy Anniversary & Congrats!

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Happy Anniversary!!! I <3 this blog :)
Thanks for sharing your memories I enjoyed reading the post.

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Such wonderful memories for a great group of friends. Congratulaitons!

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Happy Anniversary! Love you all!

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Happy Anniversary! I've known you guys less than a year, but you provided me tons of entertainment! Thank you!

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Happy Anniversary ladies! I have so enjoyed your stories, I have never had so much fun reading a story than the Zillionaire Vampire one, I was alone at night and laughing my ass off. I hope you get together for another one ;)