Monday, July 30, 2012

Rumor has it...

Today's post is the first installment of yet another new feature we're introducing this month. It's an end of the month round-up of what we've been up to combined with a look ahead of what we've got going next month.

 First of all, we want to congratulate Kelly Jamieson. Her yummy menage,ONE WICKED NIGHT, was recently chosen as Book of the Month at Long and Short Erotic Reviews.

Kelly will also be taking part in the Scorching  Book Reviews BDSM Appreciation Event, which runs from  Aug 2nd through the 20th

Next up, in case you missed it, the first three books in Erin Nicholas' popular Bradford series have been re-released with pretty new covers (ooh! look: shiny!). Two new books were also released this past month, with the long-awaited sixth book due out later this year. Some of us may have heard rumors of yet another Bradford book being in the works as well...or, you know, spread rumors, if you really want to get specific. But, we're nothing if not discreet so...for now our lips are sealed.

More information about the series can be found on Erin's website.

Speaking of rumors, the word on Twitter is that Erin, Kelly, Meg and Syd have been working feverishly for several months on some mysterious project the details of which they're not quite ready to divulge.

However, those of you who follow their tweets might have already gotten a hint of what that's all about. *cough* wedding stories *cough*. But more on that next month.

Meg Benjamin may have other contract news to share next month...and perhaps maybe a cover for the newest addition to her Konigsburg series? We can only hope. By the way, that book, FEARLESS LOVE, is coming out October 9. Check HERE for updates.  

Meg's just back from RWA, and wanted to mention that she got to see presentations from Nora Roberts, Jayne Ann Krentz, and Susan Elizabeth Phillips in a single two-hour period, which she describes as "quite an Experience".

Juniper Bell also has a new cover to shout about. This is for UNLEASHING THE RECEPTIONIST. The fourth installment in her very hot Receptionist series, it will be out on October 30. 

Her recent release, BEAUTIFUL OBSESSION is getting great reviews (yeah, we're shocked--not). The latest is a  4 1/2 star review from Romance Junkies  ("This is one wildly erotic read.") 

It also received  a 4 star review from The Romance Studio.

A few of the naughties could not be reached for comment. Kate Davies has spent most of the month moving, a process she describes as, "three trips back to the old house since we officially moved. Four trips to Goodwill, five trips to the dump, and we're still not done. On the bright side, I now get to live with my family full time for the first time since November." And Skylar Kade is back East visiting family. Hmm...wonder which of them is having the better time?

As seems to be usual for her, PG Forte will be spending most of August taking part in one blog hop/book tour or another, including the three listed below:

The "Orangeberry Summer Splash" kicks off August 1st and runs for the entire month. Details can be found here:

Erin, Juniper, Kelly Meg and PG are also among the authors who will be featured on the "Sweet, Sexy, Scorching Summer Giveaway Hop" which runs from August 10th through the 21st.

Then there's the "Love's a Beach"  blog hop, which runs for the August 17th - 19th weekend. Info for that isn't up yet, but when it is it will be available at:

That's about it for us, this time around. What does August hold for you?

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