Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday 13: Fantasy Drinks at #RWA12

While only Juniper, Meg, and Skylar will be making appearances at and around RWA this year, all the Naughty Nine wish they could be there! If we were, this is who we'd love to have drinks with!

Who would be your choice?

  1. Vivian Arend (Kinsey Holley)
  2. Jennifer Bernard (Kinsey Holley and Kelly Jamieson)
  3. Mary Kay Andrews: I read and re-read Savannah Blues so many times! (Skylar Kade)
  4. Cherry Adair:  I think she's hilarious! (Kelly Jamieson)
  5. Tara Janzen: I would love to talk muscle cars and sexy
    alpha heroes with her! (Sydney Somers)
  6. Kate Pearce (Skylar Kade)
  7. Robin Rotham: 'cause I missed seeing her at RT (PG Forte)
  8. Lori Foster (Erin Nicholas)
  9. Eden Bradley (Skylar Kade) 
  10. Vivian Arend: that would be because she appreciates red wine, what did you think? (PG Forte)
  11. Suz Brockmann (Kate Davies)
  12. Anyone from OKRWA: they're a blast! (PG Forte)
  13. The Naughty Nine (all of us!)


flchen1 said...

All of you!!!!! And Vivian would be a hoot! And the International Heat gang. And the Smutketeers... and Sarah Mayberry, because I adore her writing and she's a sweetheart. Um... that counts as 13, right?? ;)

PG Forte said...

lol! At least 13. The more the merrier. ;)

Erin Nicholas said...

The good thing about the nine of us is that to have drinks with one of us you'd likely be stuck having drinks with all of us! ;)

Kelly Jamieson said...

I'd want to have drinks with ALL the NNN if we were ALL there and I can't wait for the day we're ALL together! And there are lots of other authors on that list I'd love to have drinks with too!

PG Forte said...

we're a drinking bunch, that's for sure!