Friday, November 8, 2013

Happy anniversary to us!

Yes, the Nine Naughty Novelists are celebrating our 4th anniversary. Four years ago, nine random strangers (more or less) formed a blog group to help promote our books. Here we are, still together, still going strong. We’ve made friends with so many other authors through guests on the blog, and through special events where we’ve joined forces, most notably our Cover Model Karaoke party at RT Booklovers Convention along with the Smutketeers. We’ve also collaborated on several group projects that have been hilarious and fun and successful beyond our wildest dreams! And we’ve become friends.

You all see the Nine Naughty Novelists we show the world — our blog, our Facebook page, our Twitter handle— but there is way more to this group than shows on the surface. Behind the scenes we are friends, chatting nearly every day about nearly everything — our writing, the publishing industry, good reviews and bad reviews, rejections, new contracts and even our personal lives. We vent, we rant, we give advice and we support each other.

To celebrate, we’re having a party on our Facebook page this weekend. Come on over where we’ll be posting some of our favorite blog posts from the past four years, and having a “Guess the Naughty” trivia contest. All comments are entered to win our grand prize:
 Kindle e-reader
One winner will win the Kindle (or, recognizing that many already have electronic reading devices, you may choose either the Kindle or a gift card in equivalent amount).

As well, we’re each giving a book from our backlists to nine other winners.

Happy anniversary to us!


elaing8 said...

Happy 4th Anniversary ladies.

Fedora said...

Can't believe how fast the first four years have flown! Happy anniversary, you guys!

Unknown said...
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Theresa M said...

Happy Anniversary ladies!

Karen J said...

Happy Anniversary ladies!!! That's longer than a lot of marriages last! ;)