Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving from the Nine Naughty Novelists!

It's Turkey Day, so naturally we got sappy and introspective and talked about what we're grateful for this year.

PG: My daughter spending Thanksgiving at home for the first time in THREE YEARS.

Meg: I'm thankful for my hubs, my readers, my fellow Naughties, and wine. Particularly wine. (Kate says: I'm co-signing Meg's comment!)

Erin: That I have a family (particularly husband) who is hugely supportive of my writing, readers who buy and love my books, and the ability to now do it *almost* full time.

Skylar: I'm thankful that work-life balance is now a reasonable expectation. Goodby EDJ!

Sydney: I'm extremely grateful for the amazing readers who buy my books, recommend me to my friends or even just take time out of their busy days to chat with me on blogs or Facebook. That kind of support is what makes my job so incredible.

Juniper: I'm thankful that in this busy world, people still take time to read and to share their love of books.  

Kate: I'm thankful for romance readers and writers!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers and friends! We couldn't do this without you.

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