Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday 13: Awesome Dates Ripped from our Pages

One of the most fun things about writing romance is putting your characters into situations where they can't help but fall in love with each other (PG: Yeah, I tend to use dates to torture my characters). These dates are ones we've sent our characters on.

In the comments, tell us about the best date scenario you've read!

  1. PG: In The third Oberon book, Sam took Marsha out for a romantic, Valentine's Day dinner. He proposed...she turned him down. 
  2. Meg: In Venus In Blue Jeans, Cal and Docia go to a Konigsburg Street Fair, the Liddy Brenner Festival. Docia wears a costume that's based on her idea of Sweet Betsy from Pike (it looks like Sweet Betsy's spent a little time off the trail, if you get my drift). Cal is so generally crazed by lust he has a hard time making it through the evening.
  3. Kelly: In Offside, Matt takes Honey on a long bike ride along the beach, from Santa Monica to Venice Beach, lunch in Marina del Ray, on to Hermosa Beach and back. Then they have dinner and wine at his place, go in the hot tub, start making out a little and...Honey passes out. 
  4. Erin: In She's the One Amanda takes Ryan to play laser tag... dark corners can be a lot of fun. 
  5. Juniper: In the Extremist, Martin takes Annie out on a scuba boat in the Caribbean. Suffice it to say her clothes don't last long. 
  6. Kate: In Take a Chance on Me, Jessica and Tom take a ferry ride together. 
  7. PG: In Love From A to Z, Zach takes April to breakfast at Gladstones...which used to be awesome until they changed the menu and got rid of all my favorites. 
  8. Skylar: In A Love Worth Living, David shows Carrie around DC, starting with breakfast at a bistro/bookstore, then continuing on to the Natural History Museum. He had her at the Hope Diamond...
  9. Erin: In Just Right, Ben takes Jessica to play video games and then finds fun ways to distract her so he can win 
  10. Meg: In Bolted, Greta and Hank basically get pushed out the door by the devious Dubrovnik sisters, who want them to take things to the next level. Which they do. On a blanket. At the lake. 
  11. Juniper: In Doll, Dustin makes a picnic for Chloe in the widow's walk of his house. 
  12. Kate: In Lessons in Love, Alex flies Brynn to Italy to shop. (Hey, he's a prince - literally!) 
  13. PG: In next week's release, Inked Memories, Declan invites Sophie to dinner, which goes like this: 

"But she knew it wouldn’t end with dinner. It never did… Just as she’d expected, dinner led to drinks, which led to a nostalgic visit to that little jazz place over on Frenchmen Street where they always used to go, which led to even more drinks. From there it was just a short walk back to the hotel where Declan was staying, in an extravagant, two-story suite with shuttered French doors and a balcony that looked down on Bourbon Street."

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