Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Surviving the Herd

If you’re like me then life has probably taught you that there’s rarely such a thing as a convenient time to be sick.

Even if you wind up coming down with something on the weekend, it’s almost a guaranteed you probably had something planned. Date night, hanging out with friends, maybe redecorating a bedroom.

But nothing says seriously bad timing like being sick and having kids to look after—like me, today. Good times.

At least, though, it’s not Thanksgiving prep/travel time for me like it is for my American peeps.

But just in case you’re also sick, have kids and Thanksgiving to deal with (and dear god, Black Friday) then let me share 5 things I’ve learned about being sick when my herd is involved...

1. Netflix is your friend. For you (if you’re up for watching tv) and also for your kids. Especially for your kids. I promise a few marathon session of their favorite show won’t rot their brains. Just yours if they happen to want to watch BeyBlades. “Let er rip…”

2. Being sick heightens your senses to an alarming degree. Because if you have to hear, “Let er rip…” one more time, it’s alarming how much you may want to put a baseball bat through your television.

3. They never need anything until you think you have them preoccupied (see number 1) and try to take a nap.

4. Your kids will inevitably have an appointment, project or something else they absolutely need to do when you’re cuddled up in bed, praying to feel better or for your fairy godnanny to pull a Mary Poppins and save you from your own kids. If only…

5.  You cannot be held accountable for threats that may or may not involve duct tape when you have a fever.

Don't tell my kids, but I think number 5 might be my favorite. So what do you guys think? Am I missing any tips, things you’ve learned about being sick when you had to look after your kids or someone else’s?

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PG Forte said...

No tips, sorry. :( Just wishes for a speedy recovery.