Friday, November 1, 2013

Lessons Learned This Halloween

As I write this, I'm huddled on the couch in the family room at the back of the house, all the lights off except the one over my shoulder. Even the outside lights are off, a signal to the trick-or-treat stragglers that no, we're not handing out any more candy tonight.

When we moved into this neighborhood last year, we were warned that it was the go-to place on Halloween. "Plan for close to a thousand trick or treaters," they said.

I was dubious, but we bought the candy anyway. Then, the deluge hit. Rain ran down the streets in rivers. And still, we had 500 costumed visitors.

This year, the weather was clear and mild. And let me tell you, Halloween was an experience!

Here are my observations:

  1. For some reason, our house was the most-skipped on the block. We watched group after group walk right on by, despite the orange holiday lights, the open path to the front door, and the kid sitting outside with a bowl of candy at hand. We eventually hauled a wicker chair to the end of the driveway, directly in view of the crowds.
  2. Even so, we still got skipped. I ended up holding a flashlight over the chair, sending the light directly onto the candy bowl. That seemed to help.
  3. If you're old enough to apply for a job, a mortgage, or a car rental agreement, you're old enough to stop trick or treating. Especially when you can't be bothered to put together even a rudimentary costume.
  4. There are some amazing costumes out there. I was really impressed. Not so much with the teen boy Hollister underwear models.
  5. Food is important. Candy does not cut it as dinner, sad to say. 
  6. Traffic was up this year, even accounting for the better weather. Probably thanks to whichever neighbor contacted the local paper and requested we be included in the "best places for candy" round up - the only neighborhood in a sea of merchant associations, malls, churches, and community centers. Warn us next time, okay?
  7. I need to wear a coat next year. Brrr.
How was your Halloween? Busy, quiet, or something different entirely?


Meg Benjamin said...

We got skipped a lot too, and today we've got a lot of leftover candy. It's going to work with the hubs. No way am I having mini chocolate bars within reach!

Erin Nicholas said...

It was a lot quieter than usual around here in spite of good weather. Someone save me from left over Snickers bars!!!

Kelly Jamieson said...

Things started out slow but by the end of the night we'd had about our usual traffic. And the only candy left is Chiclets!