Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday 13: We confess to the writing gods!

Even the best, most well-intentioned authors commit a bevy of sins. Today, we confess!

  1. Kinsey: I confess to almighty Erin, and to you our readers and followers, that I failed to post my allotted blog entry.
  2. Kelly: I use too many !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and "just"s in my MS.
    • PG: I like Just. I refuse to apologize for my overuse of Just!
    • Erin:I also sinfully overuse Just.
  3. Kinsey: I harbor envy in my heart for Kelly's sales and reviews.
  4. Juniper: Greed--I want every single person on the planet to read my books.
  5. Meg: I procrastinate like crazy. Once I get started I'm okay, but it takes me a while to stop looking at Facebook.
  6. Erin:I don't really, know where the hell, any commas go ever.
  7. Juniper: Envy--I covet my friends' sales numbers.
  8. Kate: Sometimes I count brainstorming and plotting in my word count for the day. "They go on a road trip. Things happen." Cool, eight more words done!
    • PG: Kate--wait, we can't do that???
  9. PG: I overindulge in ellipses and em-dashes...but--I'm sure--you already knew that.
  10. Syd: Ah, the em-dash. I'm pretty sure we're having an affair. I work that little piece of punctuation to death.
  11. Skylar: I confess that I read when I should be writing!
  12. Juniper: Sloth--I can't make myself spend time on Pinterest. 
  13. Erin:  All of my characters roll their eyes A LOT.
Leave your writing and reading sins in the comments. Unburden yourself! 


Erin Nicholas said...

And again I say, DITTO to all!

This was so fun!

I'm thinking we could come up with a new list like this monthly! :D

Kelly Jamieson said...

I could come up with writing sins daily. :-)