Monday, November 11, 2013

Release Day and Remembrance Day

My post today is a split-personality post.

First of all I want to say a few things about my book Rhythm of Three which was out Oct 29. I’m so humbled and thrilled by the response to this book! I knew many readers wanted it, from the emails and Tweets and Facebook messages and reviews that asked for more of Kassidy, Chris and Dag’s story.

When my fabulous editor Sue Ellen Gower suggested I add more detail at the end about some of the problems these three would face in a polyamorous relationship, I agreed to do that. I wrote about some of the things they might face — one thing Kassidy thought about was when her mom was in a car accident and in the hospital and only family could visit. If one of them was in a similar situation, which one of Chris and Dag would be considered her spouse? If it happened to Dag or Chris, which one of them would be considered his spouse? What about co-workers? Friends? Family? What would they think of this relationship?

I knew there was much more to tell, and so a few months back when I got the urge to write an other ménage story, I decided to carry on with theirs.

One of the obstacles Chris, Kassidy and Dag DON’T face, however, is jealousy. It seems to me that to be in a successful polyamorous relationship, you just can’t be jealous. You have to be generous. I can’t see a relationship like that working-- EVER-- if there is jealousy. So with Kassidy, Chris and Dag, there is no jealousy. They all love each other and want each other to be happy.

Yes they have doubts. Yes, some of those obstacles make them question their choices. The life they’ve chosen will not always be easy.  I hope you enjoy how they overcome these obstacles. And yes…there might be one more story to tell about these three.


I can’t ignore that today is Remembrance Day here in Canada (Veteran’s Day in the US). I saw a news piece about this song the other night on television and it really moved me.

Bryan Adams is a Canadian rock singer-songwriter, musician, producer, actor and photographer. You may have heard of him. :-) He co-wrote a song to pay tribute to the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. And then he invited all the Edmonton-based wives of the soldiers to sing the song in the video.

Of course the words of the song are especially meaningful to the wives of soldiers. Bryan admitted the song sounded better coming from them than from him.

In honour of Remembrance Day, here’s the video of the song. Enjoy. And remember.


PG Forte said...

Beautiful post, Kelly. And I loved Rhythm of Three. :)

Kelly Jamieson said...

Thank you PG!!!

Nara Malone said...

Beautiful post, Kelly, and a beautiful book.