Wednesday, August 3, 2011

International Heat gets Naughty: Naughty or Nice, Round 2

Today's IH member is the very artistic Valerie Tibbs. You've more than likely seen some of Valerie's work around. She's our resident cover artist extrordinaire and let me tell you some of those covers....*fans self*.....sooper-dooper hawt! You can check out her full range of art work at her WEBSITE and I dare you to come away without needing a cold shower.

Okay, time to find out what Valerie thinks of our everyday items:-

Bath Mat = nice

Park bench = naughty - public sex

Sun lounge = don't know what this is - is this a tanning booth?

Whipped cream = naughty - licking it off is a yummy treat

Pearls = nice

Duct tape = creepy

Washing machine = I can't fit in there...

Leather belt =

Pen = naughty - I can make smilie faces or draw an X marks the spot

Candles = nice

Sunscreen = nice

Wooden spoon = great for cooking

Dining chair = as long as it's a sturdy one it's naughty. Naughty because having sex in the dining room is very.... ah hell, I have no idea. :)) laughing

Personally I think it's rather telling that Valerie left the section next to leather belt blank. ;) Second, we really need to get her to a tropical resort where she can become familiar with a sun lounge, it'll take long hours, probably many days, maybe even a couple of months for her appreciate how naughty one of those can be. :)

So folks, is Valerie naughty or nice?


Cathy Keevill said...

I love that Valerie is so succinct and to the point. Just the way I like things ... Candles good? Surely she's kidding.

Harlie Reader said...

I think Valerie is borderline naughty. She really needs to get on the sun lounger. Plus, pearls are very sexy and useful.

Okay, I'm going on because I can think of naughty things for every item on the list.

flchen1 said...

LOL! I think Valerie seems nice, but I'm guessing there's some naughty just dying to cut loose ;) As for why "leather belt" was left blank, perhaps she was coming up with a gorgeous visual for us later... She is quite talented that way!

Kim B said...

Nice! Her answers are similar to what mine would be...

Anonymous said...

Valerie is borderline...naughty and nice. The answer to the leather belt, though, could push her one way or another:)

books4me67 at

Cathy M said...

Very fun. I think Valerie is a shade more naughty than nice, lol.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

daydrmzzz said...

Aww she is so Nice :)

kog said...

Valerie - I'm saying nice, with a definite desire to be more naughty. What a tease to leave the belt answer blank!