Friday, August 12, 2011

International Heat gets Naughty: Naughty or Nice, Round 7

Next up is Jayne Rylon and really we pretty much don't need to ask Jayne any questions, we ALL know she's as naughty as they come. Want proof? Check out her WEBSITE.

Even though I bet you all can guess Jayne's answers I asked the questions anyway:-

Bath Mat - Naughty

Park bench - Naughty

Sun lounge - Naughty

Whipped cream - Naughty

Pearls - Naughty

Duct tape - Naughty

Washing machine - Naughty

Leather belt - Naughty

Pen - Naughty

Candles - Naughty

Sunscreen - Naughty

Wooden spoon - Naughty

Dining chair - Naughty... everything is naughty if you do it right.

lmao Yep, definitely naughty. Anyone want to argue the point? Who's got something to prove our Jayne is nice? Anyone? Anyone? *sigh* Sorry Jayne, the verdict is in and no one's even placed a vote. Naughty, naughty girl. Here, you get to sit in the naughty chair. ;)


kog said...

Jayne is definitely naughty! And give me lots of great ideas when I read her books!

flchen1 said...

ROFL! Jayne the author is as naughty as they come; Jayne is also a sweetheart, so there's some nice in there, but her writing definitely wins her a place on the naughty seat!

elaing8 said... she's naughty?? LOL
I love Jayne's books..she's a great naughty author :)

Anonymous said...

Jayne, Jayne, Jayne...did you even try to be nice? LOL! I bet your books ROCK!!!

books4me67 at

Juniper Bell said...

Wendy, you're so right, Jayne's books rock hard. She's got the naughty nailed. ;-)

Love you, Jayne!

Jayne Rylon said...

LOL Juniper said nailed. Also naughty! :P Thank you all for having me and my naughty books over to play. I try to be nice but... well, you see what happens.

flchen1 said...

Jayne just can't help herself--her fingers touch the keyboard and any nice just flies out the window ;)