Friday, August 5, 2011

International Heat gets Naughty: Naughty or Nice, Round 3

Next up in our endeavor to discover who's naughty and who's nice is Mari Carr. You can find all you could possibly want to know (and some things you probably shouldn't) about Mari on her WEBSITE. But I must say, if ever you're in need of a drinking partner Mari's your girl, she has one rule, no one drinks alone in her presence. Of course you'll have to pry her fingers off the keyboard first, that woman writes ALL the time and still manages to surprise me with every story she produces.

Alright, let's see what Mari does in the hot seat:-

Bath MatNaughty

“Think I owe you one,” she heard Charlie mutter before he knelt down next to her (on the bath mat). Her mind reeled as Alex’s hands found their way to her hair, gripping tightly. She could sense a slight tremble in his fingers and had no doubt he was amazed by his friend’s actions as well. Charlie’s face was next to hers and she heard his voice in her ear.

“Try to loosen your jaw, Allie-cat. He’s big, but you can take him in.”

She tried to follow Charlie’s commands. She knew how to open her throat, how to swallow a man’s cock, but part of her was worried about accomplishing the feat with Alex’s wide girth—and Charlie watching so closely. – EVERYTHING NICE

Park benchNice

Troy drew her attention to a new plaque that hung on the back of the wooden bench.

As Faith read the words, her eyes welled with tears. Apparently happy crying was becoming a habit for her.

This bench was donated in honor of the love of my life.

It was here Faith said yes and agreed to become my wife.

“Oh my God. That’s beautiful.” – DO OVER

Sun loungeNaughty

After lunch and a pleasant conversation, Gwen leaned back in the poolside lounger feeling more relaxed then she would have expected. Ty’s welcoming kiss, the special lunch, the way he was looking at her, proved he had no intention of backing off. She would be here for two months, working with him day after day, and she realized there was no way she’d be able to fight off her attraction to him.

“That’s a serious look.” He glanced over at her from his own lounger.

“You aren’t even going to try to keep your hands off of me, are you?”

He gave her a wicked smile. “Nope.” – ROUGH CUT

Whipped creamNaughty

“Do you mean we’ll literally have hot chocolate? Or is that code for something else?” She pressed his harder against his rigid cock.

He chuckled. “Oh, it’s code. Definitely code.”

“Good,” she said, standing up on tiptoe to place a soft kiss on his jaw. “Can I be the whipped cream on top?”

She was still rubbing his cock and it twitched at her request. “Get upstairs,” he commanded. “Now.” – SLAM DUNK


Matt couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was a seductress, sexy as hell.

“Goddammit, that’s hot, Bridget.” Mark’s voice sounded rough, almost pained. “I’m going come now. Jesus. I’m coming.”

Bridget smiled as the first drops of Mark’s come hit her stomach, then the tips of her breasts. His brother was decorating her delicate skin with pearls and Bridget accepted each one with genuine pleasure.

When the last of Mark’s offering fell, so did he. His brother collapsed on the other side of their city angel, wrapping his arm around her and pulling her close. Mark placed several soft kisses on her cheek.

“Spend the night with us.” – BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME

Duct tapeScary Naughty

“Jesus.” He rushed across the room to free her.

Lane’s bruised face went wild with panic when she saw him and for a moment, he wondered if she was frightened of him. His blood ran cold as murder flashed in his mind. He’d kill James Bryce for hurting her again.

He peeled the (duct) tape away from her wrists and together they fought to remove the gag. Lane bent forward to retrieve her pants. “Out of here!” she whispered, her words coming out in a rush. “You have to get out of here! James is going to—”

“Dammit, Lane,” James said from the top of the stairs. “You always try to give away the ending. Put your hands in the air, Collins, and leave them there.” – WAITING FOR WEDNESDAY

Washing machineNaughty

“Oh baby, we can make the world go away anytime you want to. In fact, I was thinking about you when I was doing the laundry.”

“Terrific,” Kylie teased. “I’ve always wanted a pile of smelly socks to remind someone of me.”

“It wasn’t the socks, darlin’, but the dryer.”


“Come see.” Colt grabbed her hand and tugged her toward the laundry room. As soon as they entered the small room, he set down the basket, then turned and lifted her up on top of the running dryer. The warm vibrations instantly triggered her arousal. – TEQUILA TRUTH

Leather beltNaughty

Fuck it.

She was having sex with him and to hell with the consequences. The sound of leather swishing against denim proved Aaron was in a hurry too as his belt hit the floor. He kicked the door shut with his foot as he reached out for her, turning and pushing her against it.

“Haven’t I seen you here before?” She recalled they’d been in the exact same position this morning.

Aaron grinned. “Same place, different ending. Take off your clothes.”

“I’d rather take yours off.” – Saturday Night Special


For several minutes, Rick lay still, trying to calm the beating of his heart. Kate simply sat at his feet with her head resting lightly on his thigh. He knew he should say something, but the intensity of the moment robbed his ability for speech. The only words that came to mind were “I love you” and Rick was afraid it was much too soon to utter that particular phrase. Kate had just come out of a terrible marriage and, regardless of their pen-pal status, they really didn’t know each other well enough for those words.

Or did they? – KISS ME KATE


She gasped when she saw the room. It was lit by several candles and the king-sized bed was covered with luscious, bright-red rose petals. The Jacuzzi tub at the side of the room was filled, steam rising from the hot water, and there was a bottle of champagne chilling on the counter of the wet bar.

“This looks like…” She couldn’t make herself say the word.

He smiled. “The honeymoon suite. It is. It’s a Tuesday night. It wasn’t booked, so I grabbed it. I remembered some of your comments about romance and your lack of belief, so I thought I’d bring you here. Prove to you that it really does exist.” – FRIDAY I’M IN LOVE

Sunscreen Nice

“Hey.” Rob protested grumpily when she pulled the covers off his delectably naked body. Drooling at the sight, Meg tried to still her heated thoughts by picking up her pillow and pummeling Rob awake.

“The sun is out. No more rain. Let’s go swim in the ocean.”

Joining in her obvious delight, he grabbed up his own pillow holding it in front of him like a shield.

“The ocean is overrated. Let’s stay in bed.” With that, he pulled her beneath him, straddling her thighs with his own.

“Rob,” she whined as he lowered his lips to hers. He kissed her until she forgot about the ocean and the sunshine. – MAD ABOUT MEG

Wooden spoonNaughty

“Go to the kitchen table and bend over it. Place your hands above your head and grip the edge.”

She quickly complied and Jon heard Night’s dark chuckle from behind him. “So eager for her punishment.”

“Punishment?” The question slipped from her mouth and as soon as it did, she seemed to realize her mistake.

Walking to one of the kitchen drawers, Jon rummaged around until he found what he was looking for. It wasn’t a real paddle and was sure to hurt a lot less, but he wanted to introduce her to this form of punishment slowly. Gripping the wooden spoon, he approached her. – RETREAT

Dining chairNaughty

“This is a punishment, Keira. Not a reward.”

“But—” she started.

He placed his fingers against her lips to silence her. “We’re going to sit at the dining room table and eat our lasagna. You’re going to fight off the urge to climax, regardless of what that vibrator is doing inside your body. If you make it through the meal without coming, I’ll fuck you. If you come before the meal is finished, you’ll suck my cock and then I’ll take you home. Understood?” He punctuated his question by turning on the vibrator again. – COME MONDAY

Well that was a different approach. I can't believe she found all of those items in her books. Not sure we really got to know our Mari that well there but we certainly can decide whether she's naughty or nice based on her snippets. I know where my vote's going, what about you?


daydrmzzz said...

Damn Mari!!! I didn't realize you were so "Nice" :D to us at least for writing all that wonderful "Naughty" goodness. xoxoxo

Kim B said...

I'm actually sitting here wondering if it is odd that I knew the title of most of the books just reading the excerpts? Maybe my husband's right about me reading too much. Nah, I just have a good memory! ;)

Kelly Jamieson said...

Mari! Welcome to the Naughty Nine! I loved every one of those excerpts and how you found all those things in your books. And as for your drinking rule, I knew there was a reason we hit it off! Cheers!

Erin Nicholas said...

Hi, Mari! So glad you're here... and totally impressed by you pulling out those excerpts! Well done! :)

You're naughty in such a nice way ;)

flchen1 said...

Naughty, naughty, NAUGHTY! But oh so nice ;) And wow--those are terrific excerpts!

Lisa said...

We know that Mari is Naughty in the best way. It seems Kim B & I have something in common. I knew most of those books by reading the snippets & my husband says I read to much. I figure you can never read to much of a good author, and my memory is great for the important stuff

Juniper Bell said...

Mari, you're amazing. That is all.

Love you!!!

Jen B. said...

I was prepared to call her totally naughty but there was an awful lot of nice too. I am on the fence about this one.

elaing8 said...

I like the way she did this.Loved all the mini teases.I would say she's definitely Naughty.

Phuong said...

Mari - you write such naughty stuff for such a nice person. Please don't ever stop...LOL
I can say I have read all your books and they are fabulous!

kog said...

Mari - definitely naughty. And hot!!! Whew. I need a cool drink now. :p