Wednesday, August 17, 2011

International Heat gets Naughty: Naughty or Nice, Round Up

We're done! What? Oh, right it's my turn. :)

Rhian Cahill spends her days in slavery to a Tribe of 7 so escaping into a fantasy world of her making is just the thing to keep her sane. Okay, not sane, there's no hope for that but she's at least not murdering everyone in sight. :) Check out all there is to know about Rhian at her WEBSITE.

Question and answer time:-

Bath Mat - Nasty! Rug burn people! What? I was cleaning the shower, honest. :)

Park bench - Naughty because that's where the little one had to sit after pushing his sister of the swing. Good thing they weren't my little ones.

Sun lounge - Nice'n'naughty. There are so many nice things about lazing around on a sun lounge but then there's just as many naughty things you could do lying there. ;)

Whipped cream - Naughty. There's nothing worse than finding the fridge door open and Princess One with the can of whipped cream turned upside down and squirting the fluffy white stuff directly into her mouth. :(

Pearls - ZZ Top! OMG! Pearl Necklace. lmao

Duct tape - Nice. Especially when it's wrapped around The Kids mouth and taping his ass to a chair. Which of course is naughty for a parent to tape their child to a chair. *sigh*

Washing machine - Naughty. Without fail that damn thing keeps eating our socks!

Leather belt - Nice. I'm partial to those with rodeo championship buckles. Oh wait, that's naughty. :)

Pen - Naughty, naughty, naughty. I write a lot of my scenes long hand and let me tell you that pen is extra, extra naughty. ;)

Candles - Nice. I have a heap of scented ones in my office they help me forget all about the teenage boy stinking up the next room. Again The Kid leads us back to naughty.

Sunscreen - Naughty. Ever had a cuddle with your man in the pool while you're both wearing sunblock? Slip and slide never felt so good. ;)

Wooden spoon - Naughty. Mine keep breaking. :(

Dining chair - Naughty. In fact there's a scene in One Night In Bangkok where the hero, Tom makes good use of a dining chair. He makes good use of fresh slices of mango too.....;)

When they voted me in charge I had no idea what we'd blog about but inspiration struck while I was cleaning the bathroom. (yes I really did get rug burn that way:) ) In the course of one day in the life of me I came into contact with all of these items, now remember I'm a stay-at-home mum so these things shouldn't inspire naughty thoughts and yet somehow they do. I was curious to see who else looked at the most mundane of things and thought outside the box. So how about it folks, what's your take on the list? Come on. Be brave. Those that answer the list in the comments get an extra entry in the draw for our prizes.

I’ll be back to announce the winners of our International Heat Goodies tote and GC tomorrow.


flchen1 said...

Rhian, you make me laugh! And you are surely naughty ;) And what? Are we not supposed to use duct tape to restrain one's offspring? Or keep their mouths closed? Ah, silence ;p

Kim B said...

Bath Mat - Nice. If not for it I would fall on my butt everyday.

Park bench - Depends on the park.

Sun lounge - Nice. I could read my kindle there.

Whipped cream - Hate it! So that's a neither.

Pearls - Nice. Makes me think of weddings.

Duct tape - Nice. Solves a lot of household problems.

Washing machine - Again hate it, plus mine is almost as tall as me.

Leather belt - Like Jess, nice to hold my pants up.

Pen - Not sure on this one. It could go either way.

Candles - Nice. Makes me think of Christmas.

Sunscreen - Necessary

Wooden spoon - going with Jess on this one too.

Dining chair - not sure about this one either. I'll check it out and get back with ya!

kog said...

I'm going to say Nice for Ms. Kade. You made me LOL at the kid references. I have thought about using duct tape to hold down my kiddos, it's true.

elaing8 said...

I'm not sure what to pick for Rhian.Maybe a little of both naughty and nice.
Its been fun reading everyone's answers.

flchen1 said...

Oh, and here are my answers:

Bath Mat - Nice--especially when it isn't soggy already from those with whom you share a bathroom

Park bench - Nice, when you can catch you breath and the kids are amusing themselves on the playground

Sun lounge - Nice, and possibly naughty... who are you sunning with?

Whipped cream - Nice AND naughty. Who can resist that fluffy deliciousness?

Pearls - Nice... I've heard they can be naughty, but I need to be enlightened ;)

Duct tape - Nice. As I mentioned, this is a valuable tool in many household situations!

Washing machine - Nice, as long as someone else is doing that laundry. Well, it sure beats pounding our wash on the river rocks, anyway!

Leather belt - Nice. Again, I imagine this could be naughty...

Pen - Nice, but there are an awful lot of writers out there in whose hands I'll be a pen would be naughty, naughty, NAUGHTY!

Candles - Nice. Unless maybe they are witness to a quiet evening for two?

Sunscreen - Nice! And keeps you from getting sunburned, which would just be NOT nice!

Wooden spoon - Nice--how else to stir those big vats of one-pot meals?

Dining chair - Nice, unless you're shopping for new ones, in which case, a pain!

Kelly Jamieson said...

I have loved getting to know all the International Heat authors better this way! This was truly inspired, Rhian!

Jen B. said...

Darn it! Now I am singing One Night In Bangkok again! Love your thoughts on the park bench, though. And the bath mat! I kept thinking RUG BURN each time I read the posts! I vote both naughty and nice becuase I really enjoyed the snark level of this post.