Wednesday, August 10, 2011

International Heat gets Naughty: Naughty or Nice, Round 6

Today we're asking the hard questions with T our very own ebook addict and reviewer. T and her reviewer make no bones about their views on the books they read which us authors appreciate greatly. You can check out her review site Ebook Addict Reviews HERE. But be warned, you'll walk away with a to-buy list a mile long.

Okay T, you're up:-

Bath MatNaughty because when you think bath mat you think sex in the shower and well if you’re going to have sex in the shower you definitely need a bathmat or you’re going to be in the hospital and that is so not sexy.

Park bench Romantic reminds me of my first date with my husband we went down to the river walk and just sat on one of the benches and talked.

Sun lounge -

Whipped creamNaughty… Come on do I really need to explain?!?

PearlsNaughty Very Very naughty reminds of this story I read in Penthouse Forum many years ago *tingly shivers lots of tingly shivers* I’ll let you use your imagination.

Duct tapeI’ll Stick with nice because Duct Tape hurts coming off skin and well my daughter keeps begging me to make her duct tape purse, wallet and belt so yeah nice if not a bit odd of course if you put Duct Tape and Richard Dean Anderson in the same sentence well than I guess you could have oh so naughty daydreams.

Washing machineOk so not happening unless your significant other is over 6 ft tall because let’s face it you’d need a step stool and well SO not sexy!

Leather belt - 5 leather belts one sexy as hell muscle bound hero and wrought iron bed and me Naughty or Nice you tell me?!?! Hmm… Who knew I had such a masochistic side.

Pen well this one is a hard one I was going to say naughty because you could use a pen to write naughty things but then this is 2011 we just type naughty these days.

CandlesNaughty and only because I can only imagine what our lovely Lila would do with them in one of her Monsters in Hollywood stories ;)

SunscreenNaughty – these images should be plenty of explanation!

(Visit Beautiful Mag to see where these pictures were found.)

Wooden spoonEwe Splinters!!

Dining chairNaughty a huge manly Viking with rippling muscles sitting in his big chair secretly eyeing the cute sexy son of the visiting family instead of the child bride that his father and mother want him to marry and trying to decide how he can meet him out back behind the kitchen after the boring dinner is over.

What is it with these woman and their lack of knowledge about sun lounges? Is this a world-wide problem? Will certainly need to do something about that......

Alright cast your votes. Is T naughty or nice?


kog said...

On the naughty scale, where 0 is "pure as the driven snow" and 10 is "so naughty that the naughtiest hero/heroine could learn from you", I'd say T scores a 6 - sorta naughty.

V nice pics too!

flchen1 said...

LOL! Naughty, with a lovely nice side, too! Go, T!

Kelly Jamieson said...

Very nicely naughty. Or naughtily nice. :-)

elaing8 said...

This is a tough one..i am going to go with Naughty

Ebook Addict said...

I hate sun loungers the last time I lounged in the sun I came away with a sunburn that I still have today 1 year later so sun loungers are very naughty and not in the sexy naughty way ;) lol

Ebook Addict said...

Thank you very much I do enjoy being naught as much as possible glad you enjoyed the pics ;)