Sunday, August 14, 2011

International Heat gets Naughty: Naughty or Nice, Round 9

Up on the hot seat today is Lila Dubois. She's another of our naughtier members so I'm pretty sure I know which way you'll all vote today. Lila likes them big, that's why IHer's found themselves in the middle of a discussion about 'monster cocks', all in the name of research of course. ;) Be sure to check out her WEBSITE, and while you're there take a look at her Monsters In Hollywood series. :)

And now for the questions:-

Bath Mat - Not. Bath mats are an important safety feature of shower sex. Necessary, not naughty. It's on the safe sex checklist: Safeword, condom, lube, bath mat.

Park bench - Not. Bird poop. Blech.

Sun lounge - Viable location for sex, but is it intrinsically naughty? No. However, if we're talking about a sun lounge in a public place, or at a BDSM club, then there's a lest two different kinds of naughty happening.

Whipped cream - Not. Cliche. Plus sugar causes yeast infections. DON'T MAKE THAT FACE AT ME! WOMEN NEED TO KNOW THIS!

Pearls - Actual peals or a pearl necklace?

Duct tape - Not. Wait, what would a kidnapping role play be without it? Hmm. Let's just say if my man came towards me with a role of duct tape and an amorous look I'd grab a chair and a whip, lion tamer style, until I know what was going on.

Washing machine - Sooo sexy! Oh, naughty? I don't know. I don't own one. We go to the Laundromat, where we help other people fold clothes and talk bullshit. Oh, but to own a washing sexy.

Leather belt - NAUGHTY! Because leather is wrong. KIDDING. Oh delicious steak (plus my hubby owns beef cattle-I'm the worst PETA member ever). Naughty because it's a socially accepted, take it everywhere, BDSM toy!

Pen - is. Pen is. PENIS. I'm really cracking myself up tonight, which probably means this isn't funny at all. I'll say naughty, cuz I know my pens are.

Candles - Seriously Rhian, did you just pick items I use in inappropriate sexual ways in the Monsters in Hollywood series? Very Naughty in Gone with the Monster.

Sunscreen - Not. If the object is to get greased up there's less "ouch, damn, I rubbed some in my eye" ways to do it.

Wooden spoon - Um, is this included because half of is calling me a dirty slut for what happens with a wooden spoon in "Lights, Camera...Monsters?" Splinters...please. Don't use wooden spoons from the dollar store and it'll be fine!

Dining chair - Naughty. Is there a well-written bondage scene without a straight-backed dinning chair in it? It's really the most versatile piece of furniture any sexually adventurous person can own!

lol No Lila, I wasn't inspired by your monster series. Okay, is Lila naughty or nice?


Anonymous said...

Lila is mainly nice with a little naughty thrown in:)

books4me67 at

elaing8 said...

I would say Lila is naughty

Jayne Rylon said...

Naughty all the way.

Jen B. said...

Bird poop!!! Heee Heee! I say naughty.

kog said...

That was funny! And naughty too, for sure.

Lila - I loved the first book in the hollywood monsters series. Good plot and hot sex.

flchen1 said...

Oh please! Lila is NAUGHTY. No question.

Mai said...

Hahaha ah yeah she's naughty...and she's awesome :)

Juniper Bell said...

Don't let her fool you ... Lila is N.A.U.G.H.T.Y.!! And hilarious. And a hell of a writer. ;-)