Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Caution: Teenage driver

Saturday morning I went out to do my grocery shopping and errands. When I got into my car, it was dead. Totally, completely dead. I turned the key and…nothing. My son had been out the night before and somehow in the few hours between when he got home and when I went out, the car had died.
Car Crash 2009.

My son is a new driver and I'm still not over the worrying every time he goes out in the car by himself, waiting for that call to tell me he's been in an accident. Every new driver gets in an accident, right? (Some time I'll tell you story of my daughter's first accident. Oy. It was a good one.) But apparently he'd made it home the night before safe and sound and parked the car in the garage. It was just...dead.

My husband said it had to be the battery but I could not figure out how it had just died completely. He asked if a door got left open, the trunk lid got left open, the interior light got left on…but no. The trunk was closed, the door was closed and locked when I went out there, and my car has an automatic shutoff on the interior lights so that if you do leave them on accidentally they shut off and don't drain the battery. The headlights have an alarm that sounds if you leave the headlights, once you turn the engine off. I rarely actually turn the headlights on because the running lights come on automatically when you start the car.

So the hubs borrowed a charger from a neighbour and got the car charging and when my son got up (around noon - teenagers!) I asked him what he'd done to kill my car. He shrugged.  He said the car was fine when he got home.  Then he said, oh yeah, it was beeping when I got out.

Gah! He DID leave the headlights on!  I asked him why he left it when it was beeping…didn't he wonder what that was? He shrugged again. He didn’t know what it was so he just ignored it. And left the headlights on all night.

In a way I was relieved that was all it was because I just spent a small fortune on other work on my car and wasn't going to be really happy to spend more on something else. But once the battery was charged up the car started and all was fine.

Now I can only hope that's the worst thing that will happen with having a new driver in the family…somehow I think it's not...


mens health said...
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Maria D. said...

Lol....just another example of why I am happy not to have to deal with would probably stress out if someone else drove my car

Meg Benjamin said...

Oh not only did I cringe when my youngest drove, I *really* cringed when he drove me. :shudder:

June M. said...

So glad I don't have kids to worry about this with. This is one thing that my nieces and nephews will be left to their parents for completely.

Kelly Jamieson said...

Yeah I'm really nervous when I drive with my son! It's funny because I taught my daughter how to drive and did all the practicing with her and it was fine, but with him I'm a basket case!