Monday, October 31, 2011

Top Ten Things Learned at ECWC

As most of you know, Kelly Jamieson, PG Forte, Kate Davies and I just spent four days together... and it happened to be in Seattle (well, Bellevue) at the Emerald City Writers Conference. 

We've learned that whenever two or more of us are together things are realized, learned and discovered. This weekend was no exception.  Here are the top ten things we learned at ECWC:

1. We don’t have to be drunk to be funny

2. Nothing is funnier than feral camels (stay tuned for more information…) 

3. The coffee to wine ratio is very important

4. Kelly Jamieson’s shoes are noteworthy in two countries

5. Erin Nicholas does have boundaries (who knew?)

6. No red wine for Kelly

7. Kate Davies can tie cherry stems into knots with her tongue

8. PG Forte can be debauched (again, who knew?)

9. We are always available to accept awards and give speeches on any other author’s behalf

10. Certain people strongly suggest not going to agent pitches and asking “what can you do for me?”

11. Geometry is not real math (and neither is counting)

There's still time to enter the Kelly Jamieson Shoe Extravaganza [ik-strav-uh-gan-zuh]. Comment here or on the previous post by midnight Monday EDT and you'll be entered for a chance to win your choice of an e-book download of any book in Erin's, Kate's, Kelly's or PG's backlists!


daydrmzzz said...

Yeah for feral camels! Wine and coffee yum ;) and Kelly's shoes sound like they made an impact. Happy to hear you ladies had fun

June M. said...

Feral Camels? I can't wait to learn more about these!

Katie O'Connor said...

It sounds like you ladies had a marvelous time. Excellent!

I love shoes too, sadly my feet only like runners. I've compensated by developing a fancy lingerie collection. LOL

Kelly Jamieson said...

Seriously, feral camels are so funny. Even when you`re not drunk.

Kim B said...

My favorite one is:

"We are always available to accept awards and give speeches on any other author’s behalf"

Imagining this made me laugh!

Erin Nicholas said...

Feral camels are *going to be* funny even if they aren't right now... we're in the midst of planning our next parody! *G*

And I think collecting lingerie is a great alternative to shoes!

And yes, Kim, the speech was riveting! In our minds anyway ;)

PG Forte said...

riveting AND scintillating. Everyone was completely enthralled.

kog said...

I really, really need to hear more about feral camels. This sounds so damned funny.