Friday, October 14, 2011

Ten Things I Love About Hotblooded

It might be helpful to start with the fact that Hotblooded is my upcoming release (Nov. 8th, Samhain). Also, do you think it’s strange to hear an author talk about what she loves about one of her books? I did until I figured, if I don’t love it then why should anyone else? :) So, while of course I love the whole book and all the characters, there are things about it I especially love. For instance…

1. The cover. This was the first take and it fits it so well!

2. Jack— our hero. Jack Silver. He’s an ER physician (no, he doesn’t know Ben Torres :)) and he’s one of my favorite types of heroes to read. And write. He’s got a big super-hero complex—he wants to save everyone and fix everything and he generally does it!

3. Brooke—our heroine. Brooke Donovan. She’s made a few mistakes but she’s determined to prove that she's changed. She's feisty and convinced she doesn’t need anyone.

4. Brooke’s mom, Dixie. She isn’t in the book until the end but she made an impression on Honey Creek, Texas a long time ago, that’s still being felt—especially by her daughter.

5. David—Jack’s brother. He’s a psychiatrist and is constantly analyzing Jack—much to Jack’s chagrin.

6. The cappuccino machine. Jack buys it for Brooke. Kind-of. Not really, but… you’ll have to read to find out what I mean. But any book is better with a cappuccino machine, right?

7. The warning: Contains a hotblooded woman, a man who really likes that about her, a town with a long memory, and a cappuccino machine that makes it all worthwhile.

8. The reason I called it Hotblooded: “Brooke did, however, acknowledge the crazy thumping of her heart, rational or not, for what it was—sexual awareness. Her mama had always said that the women in their family were hotblooded. It was an instinctual, physical reaction Brooke could neither control nor explain. It wasn’t, thank the good Lord, like it happened with every man. But it happened more than she liked and each time it hit her—hard.”

9. Walter—yes he’s the villain of sorts-- he’s Brooke’s ex-father-in-law, he doesn’t like her at all and he’s making all kinds of problems for her-- but he’s a fun character to write because he’s just such an a$$.

10. That it’s out November 8th!!!

So those are just a few of the things I love! There are many more and I hope you'll all check it out and find a few things you love too! :)

I’ll also be posting excerpts soon and I’ll be doing some big giveaways for my reader group! You can join here! I’d love to have you!



daydrmzzz said...

I so can't wait for this Erin!!!!!

PG Forte said...

Yay! I'm so looking forward to this one.