Friday, April 13, 2012

Home Alone Continues!

The party is still going strong and the girls at RT are having a blast. Miss you guys! Remember to leave a comment and be entered to win ebooks and goody bags. See Wednesday's post for more details.

More RT Q & A

What author would you be lining up to get an autograph from?

Juniper: Anne Rice.

Kate: All of the Naughties! Because then I'd be hanging with them instead of at home working the day job. /pityparty

Skylar: Jamie Craig! Though there are TONS of authors I'd love to meet!

Sydney: Since I've yet to attend RT, I think I'd be too star-stark by so many favorite authors in one place to manage to get any books autographed at all.

What shoes would you be dancing the night away in?

Juniper: It’s still winter here in Alaska, so I’d dress appropriately. If you can call it that.

Kate: Something blingy and eye-catching.

Skylar: The Roger Vivier rose stilettos.

Sydney: Boots. Is anyone really surprised? lol

What would be your hangover cure?

Juniper: The best hangover cure I know is sleep, but of course at RT that’s not an option. Last time I barely slept for four days. In Ireland they recommend burying yourself up to the neck in moist river sand. But Chicago has a lake, not a river. So I guess it’s back to the old standby.

Another Cowboy Cocksucker, anyone?

Kate: Uhm..... Eric Sheffer Stevens! :)

Skylar: More alcohol!

Sydney: Not drinking so much the night before so I don't have a hangover to begin with. :) But if that doesn't happen then lots of H20 before bed and OJ in the morning.

What about you guys? What are you wearing on your feet? What author would you kill to get an autographed book from? Any hangover tips for the girls at RT?


Pauline Allan said...

Okay, let's see...I'd wear flip flops to dance the night away, I agree with plenty of water before bed to ward off the morning hangover, and I got my signatures from PG Forte, Monica Burns, Sylvia Day, Lynne Lorenz, Tara Lain, Kate Pearce. I think that was everyone. :) I did the one day pass yesterday. It was awesome!

flchen1 said...

Oy... like Pauline, cute flipflops! Or maybe some other kind of cute but closed toe shoes to protect my feet from the crowds... And well, out of my way, ladies--I'm lining up to get signed books from you Naughty Nine!!!

(Um, no hangover tips because I've never had one, but I hear it's important to rehydrate before going to bed that night...)

Kelly Jamieson said...

YOU GUYS!!! I MET JOEY HILL!! SHE TALKED TO ME!! Okay that was my fan girl moment at RT.
(Kate I so want those shoes)

kog said...

Kelly - that is so awesome! She is one of the authors I would definitely go fangirl over!

Of course I'd squee at you too - Power Shift was an amazing book. I loved - intense, sexy, sigh-worthy.

I would line up to get an autograph from R.G. Alexander - she wrote the first erotica I ever read. I have a sentimental attachment to Three For Me.

Onto shoes now...
Pretending that my feet never get sore and that I can walk in any shoes, I am drooling over these. Purple satin pumps with a bow. How could those get better?

Best hangover cure... a big glass of water, 2 advil and a shower with my hunk of a lover to wash me down, massage all my muscles and...well, I hear that endorphins can make all kinds of things better, right?

Erin Nicholas said...

You guys, Kelly talked to Joey Hill!!! (Seriously if I have to hear this one more time... Just kidding!) :-). I'm sitting listening to Susan Elizabeth Philips right now... Definitely fan girl stuff!!!! And I'm feeling in need of hangover cures today. Ugh.

Sherry said...

I'm not sure what shoes I would choose but they would have to be very comfortable. I would love to have an autograph book from Nalini Singh, Jacquelyn Frank, Angela Knight, Kerrelyn Sparks, Lora Leigh and Rebecca York. I don't drink so I don't have any hangover tips.
sstrode at scrtc dot com

Tisa said...

I have the perfect pair of CFM shoes to wear. It would be a great excuse to put away my gym shoes right Erin! LOL and I would love to have and autograph from Kelly and PG. Erin I already have yours.... on to hang overs...water water water and 4 aspirins before you go to bed. Works every time!

Pauline Allan said...

Kelly, you did a great job at the erotica workshop yesterday!! :)

flchen1 said...

Wow--SEP!!?? And Joey W. Hill??? Wooot! ;)

flchen1 said...

And it sounds like I'm missing some naughty knee licking?? Photos, peeps! Photos! :)

Kelly Jamieson said...

Thank you Pauline!!!

elaing8 said...

I'd be wearing flats to dance the night away.or otherwise I'd lose the shoes somewhere throughout the night.I'd want autographs from the naughty nine ;) Rachel Vincent,JR Ward and Joey W Hill and whoever else I had time to meet.As for hangover,whats the saying "hair of the dog" so just have more drinks ;)

Jane said...

I saw Anne Rice on Craig Ferguson and she has a great sense of humor. I've heard that having a bloody mary cures a hangover. I'm wearing some nice heels by Mui Mui.

Drmgrl99 - Dawn said...

I did stand in line for Anne Rice and JR Ward! Loved it and got pics :) and I had to stop at all the NNN tables too (even gave Erin some handcuffs)now as far as shoes I was a bit crazy this year and wore a pair of 5 inch hot pink heels (I will never do that again!)