Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Home Alone Party!!

While Erin, Kelly, Kinsey, Meg and PG are partying it up in Chicago, the rest of us are kicking up are heels at home. Well maybe except Sydney who is spending the next three days packing and moving. So why not join our "If we were going to RT..." party. Every comment today, tomorrow and Friday goes into the pot to win an ebook from Sydney, Juniper, Kate and Skylar's backlist, plus our NNN peeps at RT will be collecting swag for one fantastic goody bag winner.

And now on to the party Q&A!

What would you be wearing to the awards celebration at RT if you were going?

Juniper: Since the Naughties are obsessed with wine, I’d pay tribute to my crew by wearing this lovely dress actually made from fermented wine. One can’t move in it, sadly (the cloth is made by layering the cellulose around the body and letting it shrink to one’s form), but that’s okay. I can still hoot and holler for Meg.

Kate: Something with a little bling - where else will I have the opportunity to wear couture?

Skylar: Something vintage-y and rockabilly.

Sydney: Definitely something sexy and fun.

If partying with NNN crew at RT, what drink would you be found sipping on at the bar?

Juniper: I still have fond memories of downing Cowboy Cocksuckers at last year’s RT. I had no idea what was in them, so I looked it up.

Cowboy Cocksucker
Drink Type: Shooter
3/4 oz. Butterscotch Schnapps (more Butterscotch Schnapps drinks)
3/4 oz. Irish Cream (more Irish Cream drinks)
1 splash(es) Goldschlager (more Goldschlager drinks)
Blend in shot glass. Serve

Pretty simple! I couldn’t find a photo of one, however, so this pic will have to do.

Kate: A lemon drop.

Skylar: Sangria!

Sydney: I'm a complete sucker (not to be confused with Juniper's drink) for Margaritas. So you'd definitely catch me sampling different flavors in search of the best. It's a rough job but someone has to do it.

What song would be belting out at the joint NNN/Smutketeers Cover Model Karaoke?

Juniper: I’d channel Elvis Presley, with some strategic rewriting:

Well, since my Naughties left me
I found a new place to dwell.
It’s down at the end of lonely street
At Heartbreak Hotel.

Sob! Miss you guys!

Kate: On the Steps of the Palace, from Into The Woods. Because I love a good show tune.

Skylar: Mockingbird by Carol King and James Taylor

Sydney: What's Karaoke without a little, Don't Stop Believing by Journey?

Who would your sexy date be to the Highland Party?

Juniper: For the Scottish Highland party, I’d bring this handsome hunk of Irish manliness. Even though he’s not Scottish, I defy you to find anyone who wears a kilt better than Liam Neeson, circa 1995 (in Rob Roy.)

Kate: Eric Sheffer Stevens!

Skylar: Gerard Butler, no question!

Sydney: Hope you like to share, Skylar. :)

What would you be wearing, drinking, and singing at RT this year? Feel free to include links to pics. :) And stay tuned for a post tomorrow from our RT peeps and more "If you were going to RT..." Q&A on Friday!


flchen1 said...

Wow, I had no idea I could be wearing fermented wine... I thought that was only something to drink ;p

Moi, I will be partying in my PJs (or as my kids say, my "inside clothes" ;)) I have a pair of chocolate colored padded booties that are keeping my toes cozy, and my mug of hot chocolate (continuing with this brown theme, I suppose!) will be keeping me company. Singing? I have to sing? I'm not sure you'll like that... cover your ears, everyone! Let's go with Party Rock Nation! Because the kids and I have been dancing to it on Just Dance 3 (cover your eyes!) :D

And who am I bringing? A whole bevy of buff company... how about some of these guys??

flchen1 said...

And wow... did I scare everyone away by saying I was partying in my PJs? OK, OK! I'll dress up... how's this instead??

Me: said...

Well, as everyone that knows me can attest to the fact that I don't do "dresses" I guess I'd be showing up in slacks and a nice shirt. But, seeing I'm not going, I'm all for the pj's!

Drinking and me go way back. I'd be tying down some cranberry and vodkas until those tasted like water, then moving on up to Long Island ice teas!

Geez, I think I'm with singing some Journey, or some Queen?


kog said...

I'd be wearing a fun, flirty cocktail dress like this one.

Drinking this amazing cocktail I drank in NYC with St. Germain, prosecco and muddled green grapes. It is similar to this, not quite though.

My sexy date would be George Clooney because he would be charming and witty, keeping me entertained during any boring parts.

(Embarrassing confession: I spent way too much time thinking about this. Way too much.)

flchen1 said...

Whew! Glad I hadn't scared everyone away ;) Sounds like the party's shaping up quite nicely!

elaing8 said...

I'd probably just wear dress pants and a blouse,I'm not a dress wearer :)
my drink would be Singapore Slings and margaritas :)And I'd be singing Burn It to the ground by Nickelback
And I'm bringing Nick Ayler with me
ok maybe I'd have to kidnap him and drag him with me..LMAO.

Juniper Bell said...

Oh, you gals know how to party! My mouth is watering over that drink with the muddled green grapes. I think I'll order that one next!

Phuong said...

I hate to wear a dress so I'd have to wear slacks & a nice blouse...cleavage optional. LOL
My cocktail drink would be a piƱa colada & keep them coming. Not sure if I'd be singing though because I just can't. My date for this party would be Bradley Cooper :)

Kelly Jamieson said...

You all rock! Love the ideas (especially George Clooney, LOL!)

We're VERY busy here networking and handing out promo stuff and *ahem* we may have drank a little wine.

flchen1 said...

LOL! Maybe just a few glasses? Any Menage a Trois??

Sherry said...

I would be wearing some nice slacks and dressy shirt because I hate dresses. Since I don't drink alcohol i would drink sweet tea and I promise you that you would beg me not to sing but I do love country music. I would bring Adrian Paul with me.
sstrode at scrtc dot com

Jane said...

I would wear a grecian style gown to the parties.