Thursday, April 5, 2012

Insanity in Action

So my significant other a.k.a. Master Chef suggests we should do the Insanity Workout together. If you're familiar with the workout you're probably feeling my pain. If you're not, let me fill you in. The Insanity workout is 60 days of intense pylometric drills and interval training, and it's the reason my legs feel like they're about to fall off this morning.

I've traditionally been one of those people who says every New Years that this year I'm going to make changes in terms of taking better care of myself. Most of the time my intentions are in the right place but my determination can crumble faster than the graham cracker crust on a thick slice of cherry cheesecake. This year I did a little better and began using Tiffany Roth's videos on Youtube. But even those did nothing to prepare for how tough Insanity is.

I know quite a few people have given Insanity a try and quickly abandoned it after burning themselves out trying to keep up with the instructor and the other people on the DVD's. And just to put this in perspective for you, almost all the people in the videos are already ripped and they're struggling to keep up with the routine. Going at your own pace is key and probably the only reason I haven't face-planted on my living room floor mid-video. Yet.

After 40 minutes of jogging, jumping (lots and lots of effing jumping), power squats, knee-lifts, tricep dips, moving push ups (cue laughter at the thought of even being able to do those when I my can barely manage knee push-ups) and a number of others, I'm ready to drop.

Dropping is not allowed according to Master Chef. Instead of sprawling face-down on the floor and wanting to be left there for at least a week, I'm forced...I mean...encouraged to keep moving for a little bit and down a sports drink to get myself back to normal. I'm thinking normal is not only way overrated, you pretty much have to leave normal at the door when you decide to put your body through such a killer workout.

The one thing I do know is that after a round or two of Insanity, I'm going to be able to do as much damage as those ass-kicking legs in my icon pic. :)

What about you guys? Have any of you tried Insanity or another hard-core workout regime? Any tips for me?


Drmgrl99 - Dawn said...

I do p90x which I believe is the same family of workout and it kicks my ass sadly my ass doesn't look as good as hubs does but it has helped . I have however wanted to just give up and crawl, yes I said crawl cause the muscles don't like me - away from the tv and say no more but after the second week or so it's not soooo bad lol. Good luck :)

Sydney Somers said...

I've heard just as many crazy things about p90x. I'm told we'll give that a try once we have Insanity under our belts. lol There is no way I'm ready for even half a pull up at this point. Good luck with hanging in there. It hasn't to get just a little easier, right? :)

Anonymous said...

Pole dancing. That has got to be the most brutal exercise thing I've ever done, it was also a ton of fun.
But seriously brutal. After a warm up that nearly kills you you then get to learn techniques and put them together, and the toughest thing is to actually trust your body to do it. Once you're going your not gonna stop and god does it hurt when you stop.
Burns from the pole on the sensitive insides of your arms and if you don't land right your knees end up black and blue, not to mention the overall stiff and sore feeling in your muscles for two to three days after. It is also the only time I've ever heard an instructor say "A burning sensation is totally normal" this is not something you want to hear when gripping the pole with only the upper inside of your thighs, the very upper inside. I swear it must be some kind of kink because you'll smile while doing it and afterwards. Must be the massive amount of endorphins you get from the exercise.