Monday, April 16, 2012

We're baaaaack!


Kinsey, PG, Erin, Meg and Kelly are back from RT! (Well, this is being written Saturday night, so as long as our planes don't crash, we're back). (Not that any of us are nervous flyers. Just sayin'.) We had a blast and met lots of great people and even brainstormed titles and covers and crazy parody story ideas (just wait!). Here are a few pics and some things overheard at RT for your entertainment. Some of them are out of context and may or may not be dirty. Some of them are totally in context and are definitely dirty!

Our NNN poster!

I love you but I don’t want to bruise my hand right now.
Put your finger here.
Tie it tighter.
Everyone has to do it once.
I don’t know where we’re supposed to put it.
You don’t have to stick it in anywhere. Just kiss it.
I have a flogger and I’m not afraid to use it.
I’ve got the vibrator and the lube.
We need medication but we’re not on it.
Do not play with them unless you know where Dawn is.
If you don’t pace yourself, Saturday night will be a waste.
I grow on people. Eventually.
I have a box.
All of us at this table have a box.

Kinsey & Kelly going to the Gangster Ball

I found one in my bra last night.
It was in the freezer because there was wax spilled on it.
You need to come to my room - I have something I need to give you. It has a prick on it.
Lorelei James gave Eliza Gale a cowboy cocksucker.
My pants are around my ankles and I`m too tired to notice.
He pays me to pimp him out.  
Pull ‘em out, pull ‘em out and show everybody!

Erin and Viv Arend

Why is it coming out of his mouth?
I’m banging it.
I've been deflowered.
I don’t think I’m getting a happy ending.
Get down on your knees.
I got to grab Kelly’s ass, my trip is complete.
I have to unbutton my sweater more.

PG's newest tattoo - it's an N cubed, if you can't quite make it out

It’s so small we can’t twist it off.
Give it to me, I can twist off anything.
It’s too hard to pull it out.
If I can’t go to the bar I can’t write it off.
I have a tool.
Your thing is not popping up on my thing.
Where should I put it?
You owe me a goat.
You can feel my charger any time.
If you can’t tweet it, it’s not really happening.
It comes right off.
I’m pretty sure we can take him down.
You all are some high maintenance bitches.

Reader Kim's NNN pedicure

I can handle a man with a giant sword.
This American money confuses me.
“Where’s my husband?” “I don’t know but he just left my room.”
Everybody should be having hot dirty sex.
If it could have come out,  it shouldn’t go in.
I have to get the wine bottles out of the bath tub so I can take a shower.
I have a present for you between my legs.
She took a boy up to her room and taught him how to spank.
I just signed the stomach of a married man.
It’s not the sex you have to research, it’s all the other stuff.
I love RT!
Smutketeer-NNN Cover Model Karaoke Party


sac402 said...

I'm sooooo going next year in KC!!!! Hopefully you will all be there! :-)

Seleste deLaney/Julie Particka said...

Haha I know one of those. (And I'm pretty sure I may have said a couple of the others at some point in the week too. Kind of scary that more than one of us would discuss our floggers :P)

Keri Stevens said...

I brazenly attribute my quote "If it coulda come out it shouldn't go in." I'm so proud you remembered it :)

Now...does anyone remember the context?

Keri - who is STILL hearing stories about what I did Wednesday night, most of which, I'm afraid, are true.

Drmgrl99 - Dawn said...

LOL I remember way to many of those! Hell my name is in one - lol. I love you ladies and had a blast, can't wait til next year.

flchen1 said...

Those are awesome photos! Thanks for the sneak peek at the RT fun!

Eden Bradley-Eve Berlin said...

I'm proud to say I was involved with several of these. *G*
Great to see you girls-love you all!