Friday, April 6, 2012

In four days and fifteen hours...

I'll be on a plane heading to Chicago!

Oh, wait, I had a book release this week so I should probably say something about that:
Anything You Want is in print now!!!! :)

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about something *really* important… RT!!

I leave for Chicago and the Romantic Times Convention in four days and fifteen hours (from the time I’m writing this). I have a number of goals for this trip and I thought I’d share them here. “They” say that you’re more likely to accomplish goals that you commit to publicly.

So here goes:

1. Get to Chicago without spending more than $50 on bag fees (and nothing inside breaking)

2. Drink a Sabrina’s Magic Pixie (recipe from my book—Anything You Want :))— with Kim and Dawn

3. Get PG Forte to start the first chapter of our new serial parody about the sheik

4. Convince Vivian Arend that I’m the cool naughty. She already LOVES Kinsey and Kelly so I’ve decided to ‘seduce’ her away from them. (I’m soooo not the cool naughty, btw!)

5. Take Mari Carr up on the drink she promised me on Twitter. What? Tweets aren’t binding legal documents? Well, that’s crap. Still… maybe I can convince her…

6. Buy my favorite editor dessert at least once

7. Get at least one funny story from the book signing**

8. Buy a book and get it signed by an author I’ve never heard of… because I’d love if someone did that to me just because

9. Naughty text Juniper, Skylar, Kate and Syd

10. Keep everything that’s *too* crazy and incriminating a secret (until my next blog post!)

Can't wait to see my girls who will be there and I have two words for the four that won't be there this time: New Orleans!

See you on the other side!

** some of you may know, but if not, I HATE book signings. Hate them. But I go. Because the last two I’ve been at have produced great stories from the authors I’m seated next to if nothing else. So I’m hoping for something good from Chicago! :)


Kim B said...

Can I use a purple straw? This drink makes me think I need a purple straw.

Less than a week!!!

PG Forte said...

Purple's okay, but I have it on good authority that Erin prefers pink. ;)

Meg Benjamin said...

Four days and counting!