Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Fight Club - Jeb vs Jason

Ladies and Gentlemen - Are you ready? I said, ARE YOU READY?!?

Welcome to another round of Friday Fight Club, where two of our heroes compete to win the title of ... uh ... winner of Friday Fight Club! :)

This month, the heroes of Kelly Jamieson's and Jenny Bernard's latest releases will spar on our Facebook page, answering questions that let you, the readers, know how they really feel about life, the universe, and everything. Not only that, you have a chance a chance to win one of these fabulous new books! Every comment on the Facebook posts from our heroes will qualify you for the prize drawing. So be sure to stop by and comment to win!

In one corner: JASON HOLLOWAY

Jason is the Las Colinas, California Chief of Police, dedicated to protecting people and enforcing the law, strong, responsible and dependable. But Chief Holloway has another side, a part of him he only reveals in the bedroom— sexually dominant, demanding and dirty. He’s questioned that side of himself, worried he might cross a line, and at one point vowed to go vanilla…until he meets Kendall Vioget. Something about her brings out every dominant, protective instinct in him, everything he’s been trying to repress. She’s the perfect submissive for him. Only she doesn’t trust him, and he doesn’t trust himself…

And in the other: JEB STONE

Captain Jeb Stone is one of the sexy, smokin' hot Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel, California. As captain of the C shift, he's famous for his toughness, his fairness and his skill. Off the job, he's known for his devotion to his family and his intense sexual magnetism.

These two men in (and out) of uniform will be duking it out on our Facebook page all day long. Stop in to see how they answer the serious questions of our day - and don't forget, every comment is an opportunity to win one of these two books!

There will be pain…but only if she asks nicely.

Kendall Vioget fell hard for Police Chief Jason Holloway, until the best sex of her life became something more, something she wasn’t ready for. Afraid of what he asked of her, afraid of her own desires, she walked away.

Now her brother’s fiancĂ©e has gone missing a week before the wedding, bringing Jason back into her life. She needs his help, but her body is losing the battle to resist the hunger to satisfy the dark cravings he can set free.

Jason understands what she needs, and when her increasing submission banishes the self-doubts he’s been carrying around, he knows a perfect match like this comes along only once in a lifetime. Until the missing persons case becomes a murder investigation, and suspicion falls on her brother.

Kendall will do anything to protect the only family she has left, and Jason will do anything to make sure a killer is put behind bars. If he doesn’t handle this case right, the most precious gift she could have given him—her trust—will be destroyed. Permanently.

Product Warnings
This book contains bondage, spanking, a sexy police chief determined to catch a killer, a woman determined to protect her family, and wine…lots of wine. 


Fire Captain Jeb Stone and incredibly successful press secretary Nita Moreno have both been burned by love before. That’s why neither one is looking for more than a few steamy nights of passion. 

When circumstances find them stranded on an island together babysitting a cross-dressing senator and the very pregnant wife of San Gabriel’s most famous captain, they allow the sparks they feel to take center stage. But as their feelings grow, can they each allow the other past the barriers they’ve built to protect their hearts?

See you on Facebook for the competition! And may the best man win!

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