Thursday, January 2, 2014

January Pick Your Pleasure: Are you an arm gal or a butt gal?

We all love men with brains. A sense of humor goes a long way too. But if we're being shallow...what's sexier, strong arms, or tight buns?

Erin: But that's so HARD!!!! (pun intended ;)) Arms. No, butt. No, arms.
Skylar: I find strong arms much sexier. Though there is something to be said for a tush so tight you can bounce a quarter off it.
PG: I'm with Erin. This is an impossible choice (see how I avoided using the word HARD?) But, I am an absolute sucker for nice arms.
Meg: Ah geez...arms?
Kelly: Oooh that IS a tough choice. But I'll probably go with nice arms too. Nice biceps in a snug T-shirt are very sexy. Forearms can be very sexy too, especially in a dress shirt with the cuffs rolled up...
Sydney: I'm all for the arms too. Biceps are far sexier to me than a tight butt.
Kate: I'll have to go with arms. If only because they're safer to point out in mixed company.
Juniper: Arms, because the hands are attached to them, and I love me some big, callused hands.

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Maia Strong said...

Goodness! You ladies do ask the difficult questions!