Monday, January 27, 2014

Stuck in a reading rut

The one thing I miss about paper books is the satisfying thunk of throwing one against a wall. Though it didn't happen often, I'd occasionally come across a romance novel that I just couldn't bear to finish, or one that had such a dissatisfying ending that it had to sail across the room and smack against the far wall.

With e-books, there's little and less satisfaction with "remove from Kindle device." It's anticlimactic after the gut-wrenching letdown of not being able to finish a book that others are raving about (and that I've spent good money on).

But this happens from time to time. I get into a reading rut where I can't get through a single damned book. Sometimes, the cure is switching to non-fiction, but that doesn't have the same alluring escapism. Every now and then, picking up sci-fi or fantasy does the trick, but their writing conventions (in classic sci-fi or high fantasy) are so different from romance that, as a writer, it's hard for me to say "but...but you're headhopping!" or something to that effect.

Normally, this literary malaise fades after a couple weeks, but for someone who reads two or three books a week, it's a torturous time. I usually go back and finish some of my digital wallbangers, but my Kindle has started to accumulate piles of books that, with or without my reading rut, I can't bring myself to finish. Maybe I'm getting finicky in my old age (and anyone who has met me should be laughing right now).

When this happens to do you cope? What books do you turn to? Any recommendations for solid, engaging romance reading?


Kim B said...

Old! I wish I was as old as you!

Kelly Jamieson said...

I know, right Kim???
This rarely happens to me...don't know why. Sometimes I have a hard time picking a new book...nothing appeals to me...I'll keep looking at bestseller lists and Goodreads for ideas...but usually what I end up buying I enjoy. Mostly. :-)

Skylar Kade said...

See, I knew someone would get a kick out of my age comment.

Kelly, I am so disenchanted with reader reviews--I seem to have such different taste!