Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Guest Blogger Shelli Stevens - The Love/Hate Trope

So here it is. The popular, or unpopular, love/hate trope in romance novels. You know the one. Where the characters alternate between despising each other and wanting to hump like bunnies? It can just be so hot and so fun, both to write and to read.

I really tend to enjoy them. That is if I believe the conflict between the two is believable and not just some trite issue making them fight. What started my love for love/hate tropes? My guess is when I saw The Cutting Edge back in Middle School. That movie, I don’t care what reviews say, rocked my world. “There's only two things I do really well, sweetheart, and skating's the other one!” (You’ll get that line if you adored the movie like I did)

Anyway, I love it. I love that Damn, I hate you so much, but wanna jump your bones so hard right now chemistry between a hero and heroine in books. I don’t write it often, but when I do it’s a complete blast.

Which is why I’m excited for today’s release, Kilty Pleasure. It definitely plays with that blurred line of lust and hate. I’ve got a deputy sheriff hero and a kick butt nurse as a heroine. Leave a comment on your favorite love/hate movie or book and one winner will receive a copy of Kilty Pleasure!

Shelli :)


The line between lust and hate is often blurred…

The McLaughlins, Book 2

After being ditched at the altar over a year ago, Deputy Colin McLaughlin is fine with being single. Despite the fact that nearly every eligible female on the island wants him, he isn’t looking for love.

But something stirs his blood when Hailey starts showing up more on the island. And it’s not just the conviction that the apple doesn’t fall far from her troublemaking, drugged-out family tree. His frustration mounts that even after she ruined his twin brother’s life, the desire he’s felt for her since high school still simmers.

Hailey Alexander knows her past is littered with mistakes. She’s done her best to make amends and move on, but a certain Scottish-born deputy doesn’t seem in any hurry to forgive or forget.

More than just fighting the attraction that’s compromising their hearts, they face a new threat from Hailey’s past that may threaten her life.

Warning: Contains sexy Scottish men living in America. The occasional kilt. A hero deputy who can’t forgive or forget, and a nurse immune to bullshit. Angry kisses. Scalding sex. And a drugged-out stalker ex to keep these two on their toes

Available at Amazon and all e-book retailers!


Erin Nicholas said...


Welcome to the Naughty Nine love!

I love love/hate romances and Cutting Edge? Come on! That movie is awesome :)

I've got Kilty Pleasures on my Kindle!

Kim B said...

I love this too! Erin's most recent release had a Love/Hate thing going on with Nate and Emma (Best of Three). I honestly wish it was used more. Often you see where either the hero or heroine has to win the other over or show they are different/changed. But when they both come in irritated by the other - LOVE IT!

Meg Benjamin said...

Hi Shelli, Welcome to the Naughty Nine. That is one great title!

Kim B said...

I am commenting for someone who doesn't have any of these IDs to comment:

Lori Gonzales - Favorite love/hate story: Asking for Trouble by Tessa Bailey (and she would love to read Kilty Pleasure)

Kelly Jamieson said...

Hi Shelli! Congrats fellow release day author, wishing you many, many sales. I also love the love/hate trope when it's well done. I love that moment when the lust takes over - it can be so hot and satisfying.

Jan Adele said...

R.L Matthewson has amazing love/hate books in the neighbor from hell series!

I've been dying for this book for FOREVER! So excited for the next McLaughlin series!!!!!

Kim B said...

From Kim Burnell - The Proposal

Kim Kernc said...

Shelli...Awesome series!! Loved The Cutting Edge!! :)