Friday, January 10, 2014

January's Reading Round-Up

Erin - I'm reading City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, also more YA-ish, but b/c of my daughter. She's read and re-read this series and talks about it all the time so decided to check it out. Really enjoying so far!

Juniper - I'm on a YA fantasy kick. I just finished Kresley Cole's Poison Princess, first in the Arcana Chronicles, and am now reading Bitterblue, part of Kristin Cashore's Graceling series. I'm addicted to both these series because they're so inventive and go to some pretty dark places. I also recently finished Sherry Thomas' first YA, The Burning Sky, also very ingenious and intricately plotted.

Kelly - I just finished two Anne Calhoun books - Uncommon Pleasure and Uncommon Passion. I love her writing. Her books are deeply emotional and very sexy.

Kinsey -  I've gotten hooked on a teenanger series; the first book was published in 99. The books are all party of the diary of 14-year-old Georgia Nicholson who lives in England with her crazy little sister, her extremely embarrassing parents, and her friends. It's very funny - don't know if Diva will like them yet b/c there's a lot of snogging and musings about nunga-nungas (i.e., tits.) 

Bout to start the latest in Richard Kadrey's Sandman Slim series, about a guy w/magic ability who figured out a few books back that he's a Nephilim (half-angel) and is the only living person to go to Hell and come back. All the books are written in 1st person present tense, but it works.

And I bought a Kristen Ashley motorcycle book - Mystery Man - because it was .99 - we'll see if it's crack for me.

Meg - I love Grace Burrowes historical series--she's got a couple that I'm reading simultaneously, the Lonely Lords and The Windham series. They're all sort of interconnected (and there are a *lot* of books), but she's really good at working out motivations and complicated characters.

PG - Well after reading A Catherine Noon's post (she was our guest author this week), I realized I hadn't read the second book in her Chicagoland Shifters series (co-authored with Rachel Wilder), so I quickly rectified that. I really like series in which magick and shifters coexist but as two distinct systems that may or may not overlap. As to what author I would compare her to, I guess I'd have to say that her shifters remind me a lot of Kinsey's. Enough that I think they'd all fit very nicely into the same universe. Which would be fucking awesome, btw.

Sydney - I'm almost finished with the third Game of Thrones book, a Storm of Swords. After watching the 3rd season of the show, I had to find out what came next. It's easy reading aside from trying to keep track of the dozens of characters, especially the minor ones. And man these books are long.

What are you guys reading?

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