Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pick Your Pleasure: Valentine's Dates Edition

Valentine's Day decorations have been out since Christmas, but some of us are just getting around to thinking about the day. To celebrate, would you rather go out on a fancy date, or have a quiet evening at home?

Erin: fancy date! We never do that... we have lots of quiet, and not so quiet, nights at home!

PG Forte: Both are nice but seeing as it's a Friday night this year, I think I'd rather stay in. I hate crowds.

Meg: We're not big on Valentine's Day--staying in would work better for us.

Kelly: Hmmm...we rarely go out, but on the other hand Valentine's day feels a little fake to me so I'm gonna say quiet evening at home.

Kate: I vote for quiet evening. We can send the kids out for the night.

Juniper: With our luck, we'll be on a plane back to Alaska on Valentine's Day. We'll spend the night trying to keep each other warm.

Sydney: It'll be a night in for us but I doubt there will be anything quiet about it. LOL With 5 kids it can be a challenge to get a babysitter sometimes.

Skylar: We stay in. Here's how it usually goes:
Me: Hey, we should be less boring and go out! 
Him: *sigh* Alright. 
Me: (on February 15th) Woops, guess we missed it!

What's your vote?

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