Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Home Alone Bash

So Kate and I are on our own for the rest of the week while the others kick up their heels in LA. But they can't be the only ones having fun, right? So to kick things off we're decorating, mixing margaritas (what? It's five o'clock somewhere lol) and grabbing a few of our favorite Hollywood hotties to party with.

Since the Naughty Nine are cohosting a reader event with the Smutketeers on Friday and talking about who they would cast in movie versions of their books, we thought we'd share some of them with you. And since this is a party, we need to give some stuff away. Contest details at the end of the post.

Juniper Bell

Training the Receptionist

For Ethan Cowell, senior partner, who else but Daniel Craig?

For Simon Dirk, the always sexy Clive Owen.

And for the lucky Dana Arthur, Ms. Emily Blunt.

Meg Benjamin

Venus in Blue Jeans

This one's easy b/c I've already associated Cal Toleffson with an actor--Kris Kristofferson. Except not the Kris Kristofferson of today (who's in his seventies and one hell of a good guy), but Krist Kristofferson circa 1976 or so.

Way back when I was writing Venus In Blue Jeans (all those many years ago), I thought of Docia as sort of like Suzie Plakston, a terrific but little known actress (Dustin Hoffman's assistant in Wag the Dog). Now I think of her more like Julianne Moore.

Kate Davies

Take a Chance on Me

It's no secret I'm a fan of Eric Sheffer Stevens, formerly of As The World Turns (and the New York stage scene). So I was pleasantly surprised to discover my description of Tom in TACOM fits Eric to a tee! (And no, I didn't write it with him in mind. In fact, I wrote the book well before I ever discovered ESS.) Of course, if I was casting director for a film version of TACOM, Eric would be playing Tom.

As for Jessica, can I cast myself? No? Dang. Well then, how about Karen Gillan, of Doctor Who fame? She'd have to get a haircut, but that's not a big deal...

PG Forte

Children of the Night

We're definitely entering the land of actors-who-must-time-travel to cast this series. Starting with the most obvious (IMO): Damian. Damian has to be played by the sooper sekrit Antonio Banderas clone I'm sure has to exist in some benevolent universe...

Armand is another easy one. Kyle Schmid who played Henry on Blood Ties fits him to a T.

Conrad's much harder. Could he be played by Ewan MacGregor? Or Gerard Butler?

Damn. Doesn't it make you want to move to San Francisco, just for the chance of seeing all those guys together? lol!

Then there's Brennan, the gate guard, who's human and who was always meant to be played by Victor Webster (who's already played a character named Brennan--what are the odds?)

Kelly Jamieson


This one was pretty easy because at one point in the book Jase actually thinks Remi is cute in a "Reese Witherspoon way".

And Jase...Josh Duhamel

Erin Nicholas

Anything You Want

I don’t usually have an actual picture of my characters (besides the one in my head) but for this book, Joshua Jackson would be Marc and Sarah Shahi would be Sabrina (both TV actors- Fringe and Fairly Legal respectively).

Sydney Somers

Primal Pleasure

For the heroine, Emma, I'd go with Rachel McAdams. She's got that natural charm and innocence that really captures my sorceress.

For Cian, I'd go with Jake Gyllenhall. Yum. I think he could really pull off the part of being ignorant of the world after spending the last hundred years in stone and still have that intense, sexy alpha vibe.

And on to the first contest of our Home Alone party, tell us which actors and actresses you'd love to see in movie versions of your favorite books and be entered to win some goody bags full of author swag our Naughty Nine will be collecting while at RT!


desere_steenberg said...

This is a fabulous contest thank you so much for coming up with it for us.

The book I want turned into a movie is Long Time Ago by Meg Benjamin and the actor I would like to see would be Matthew McConaughey and the actress I would like is Sandra Bullock.

Thank you for a stunningly fun contest!

Gabby said...

I'm going to be honest here, I can't think of a book I'd like to see turn into a movie at least not right off the top of my head.

I did however think of some guys that would would probably make good live action characters for some books, maybe you guys could fill in the book blanks for me?

Ok the first guy I thought who would probably play a good character from a book was the guy who played Seely Booth from the tv. show Bones.

You know he's an FBI agent?

The other guy I was thinking about that I thought would make a good book character for a movie; especially since he's already a played a supernatural creature in a tv. show that was on a while back.

His name is Ron Pearlman, you'll know him if you've ever seen the movie Hell Boy. He's a great actor and is pretty decent looking at least as far as I know, I haven't seen him in anything for awhile.

So that's my two sense! Thanks!

Ivy said...

I think they tend to screw books up when they make movies. That's why I'm nervous about the Stephanie Plums & my son refuses to let me watch True Blood whenever he rents the seasons. I only watched a few minutes & disagreed w/ most of what I saw,vocally...*S* I do, however, cast them in my head as I read. I so adore Clive Owen. There aren't a whole lotta actors that appeal but man...heart be still. I'd watch anything he was in just to look @ him.

Sherry said...

I don't watch movies and I can't think of any book that I would want made into a movie. I prefer to dream up in my mind what they look like. To me most stars could never do characters from a book justice.

Mai said...

Awesome contest ladies! Ohh I so agree with y'alls recomendations. Especially the sexy ass Jake G. hmmmmm, lol.

Karin said...

It's really hard to try and choose a book I'd want to see made into a movie because the books are usually so, so much better. But, if I had to choose one, I'd go with Shelly Laurenston's The Beast in Him. I think I'd go with Gerard Butler for Bobby Ray Smith and Zoe Saldana for Jessica Ward.

Jen B. said...

I love The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning. I think Kristen Bell would be great as Mac. The only problem is, Barrons is so perfect that I can't imagine any actor playing him!

angel Graham said...

Does it have to be a romance? I'd love to see two of Rob's books turned into movies. "Breaking and Warding the Covenants."

Gunther: Dolf Lundgren
If He was alive--Paul Newman

Marguerite: Angeline Jolie (time-warped back to Hackers day for age) If she were alive--Audrey Hepburn

Marcellin: Gary Oldman

angel dot graham dot 1 (at) gmail dot com

angel Graham said...

Rob just said if he were still alive that Vincent Price would be perfect for the role of Marcellin. (Vampire!)

Kate Davies said...

I totally want to see Take A Chance On Me turned into a movie just so Eric could play Tom in the film version.

And I know I said Karen Gillan, but really, I have loads of acting training from my younger days. I could play Jessica in a heartbeat.

What? I'm being practical here. I already know the part, and if they need rewrites on set, I'd already be there!

*bats eyelashes at the casting gods*

flchen1 said...

I am SO not a movie person! In general, I prefer to keep books the way they are, because it's hard to translate the flow and pacing of a book to the screen! Plus, I'm stuck way back several decades ago, and have NO idea who I'd cast any roles! I do think Hugh Jackman's droolworthy, though, so let's just put him in any of those suggestions ;)